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6 Panels Box

The Wavewood Pro is a spin-off of Vicoustic’s flagship Wavewood panel and has been specifically developed to treat acoustic problems in large areas without destroying a room’s ambience, or over-deadening the sound. Combining a longer wooden surface with slightly slimmer acoustic foam, this panel can be used in public spaces, performance spaces, speech rooms, classrooms, etc.

It’s instantly recognizable design results from unique research based on the acoustic properties of the wood and foam combined with non-linear sequential cavities that enable Wavewood Pro to act as both an absorber and diffuser. It is particularly effective in treating medium and high frequencies as well as solving issues such as flutter echoes. Wavewood Pro can also be highly effective in controlling low frequencies when fitted in the corners of a room and used as a bass trap.

The panel’s elegant design enhances the visual appearance of any room, with five different wood finishes available to match a range of speech rooms and public spaces.


The Wavewood Pro represents one of the strongest Vicoustic solutions in terms of the Absorption and Reflection Control System. This is an ideal solution to those who search balanced sound ambiences that simultaneously control the exceeding energy in a room, and still maintain a living and bright sound.


Performance Spaces, Conference and Teleconference Rooms, Auditoriums, Public Spaces, Restaurants, etc.

About Vicoustic’s Absorption and Reflection Control System (ARCS)

ARCS is Vicoustic’s unique research model, in the area of absorption and diffusion combination solutions. It has formed the basis for developing hybrid products such as the Wavewood Pro. It includes the study, combination and appliance of the best foam and wood properties allied with the design of non linear sequential cavities. The system presumes the optimal balance between the absorption area and the reflecting surface.

Dimensions: 595 x 595 x 44 мм


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