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Vicoustic’s flagship Wave Wood panels provide a balance of absorption and diffusion, letting you tame reflections without rendering your room dead.

Beautiful and effective, the Wave Wood is derived from an MLS diffuser. The design was further optimized for performance and aesthetics, creating an iconic panel built around the evocative shape of an audio waveform. The resulting design provides a musical blend of diffusion and absorption, great for widespread use in studios and music rooms.

The Wave Wood won 2014 acoustic product of the year by Electronic House technology and design magazine. Thanks to its unique look and versatility, the Wave Wood is loved by virtually everyone (according to our surveys). It’s on track to becoming one of the most recognized acoustic panels.

Wave Wood panels are sold in sets of ten.

Product Description

Vicoustic Wave Wood panels give you a balance of absorption and diffusion, letting you tame reflections without rendering your room acoustically dead.

Vicoustic developed the Wave Wood using their Absorption and Reflection Control System (ARCS). The design is based on a modified Maximum Length Sequence (MLS) diffuser. An MLS diffuser uses slats of reflective material (wood) and absorptive material (in this case, acoustic foam), creating a pseudo-random binary pattern based on a Maximum Length Sequence. Vicoustic then optimized this pattern to give the Wave Wood panel a desirable absorption curve with respect to frequency.

In the Wave Wood, the patterned surface provides absorption at mid frequencies (maximum absorption between 400 Hz and 1 kHz), and a combination of absorption and diffusion at higher frequencies.

But the Wave Wood acoustic panel is more than just an MSL diffuser. Instead of making all the absorptive strips the same length, the cavities in the Wave Wood’s surface vary in length to provide additional scattering and achieve an optimal balance of reflection vs absorption.

This makes the Wave Wood instantly recognizable. Many audio professionals, audiophiles and musicians love the look of these unique acoustic panels. As a result, the Wave Wood can be found decorating the walls and ceilings of recording studios, hi-fi listening rooms, home theaters and music venues around the world.

As a hybrid absorber-diffuser (or diffsorber), the Vicoustic Wave Wood is an ideal treatment for creating a controlled sound in your room while keeping it bright, airy and ambient. It lets you balance the frequency response and reverberation times in your room, without killing the liveliness.

The hybrid Wave Wood surface is primarily designed for treating mid to high frequencies.

High frequencies are precious because they decay fastest and get absorbed easily — not just by acoustic treatment, but by furniture, carpet, drapes and fabric surfaces. As a result, most rooms have much longer reverberation times at low and mid frequencies. This can make a room sound imbalanced.

Over emphasis of the low end makes a room sound muddy and boomy, while too much energy in the mids can make a room sound cheap and lo-fi.

The solution: Wave Wood panels provide more absorption at mid frequencies, and more scattering / reflection at high frequencies. This helps you correct the imbalance so you can achieve a rich, high fidelity sound in your room.

With proper application, the Wave Wood can also help you achieve a neutral sound for critical listening in your mixing, mastering or control room. In this case the goal is a relatively flat frequency response and relatively even decay times across the audible spectrum. This requires extensive bass trapping and broadband absorption, which can over-damp the high frequencies in your room. To solve this problem you can use Wave Wood panels to tame mids while retaining some high frequency liveliness in your critical listening room.

The Wave Wood is a great alternative to broadband absorption for treating problems like flutter echo and comb filtering caused by early reflections. Unlike broadband absorption panels, which remove energy at mid and high frequencies, the Wave Wood absorbs harsh mids while dispersing precious high frequency energy throughout your room.

This way you can treat problematic reflections while simultaneously creating a musical ambience and sense of spaciousness in your room.

Vicoustic Wave Wood panels can be mounted a variety of ways. They can be mounted flat on the wall, on the ceiling as acoustic tiles, or straddling a corner to achieve lower frequency absorption. However, we recommend purpose build bass traps for low frequency treatment, like the Vicoustic Super Bass Extreme. The Super Bass Extreme is surfaced with a Wave Wood panel, making it a perfect aesthetic fit for a Wave Wood themed room treatment project.

The Wave Wood is available in five attractive wood finishes: cherry, light Brown, nordik, wenge and white.


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