2-Input USB audio interface, 2-output with headphones and a condenser microphone included. 2 high quality mic preamps with AIR mode for a more airy sound. 2 Inputs for instruments, large diaphragm condenser microphone for professional recording. HP60 MkIII headphones with high sound quality and ease of use. Extensive bundled software.

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Everything you need to record at home

There is no more reliable recording recording with better sound. Scarlett 2i2 Studio offers songwriters an all-in-one solution to record in an easy and intuitive way. The package contains a Scarlett 2i2 USB audio interface, condenser microphone, 3 meter XLR microphone cable, closed headphones and free software to start making music in no time.

The third generation Scarlett 2i2, the most famous audio interface for artists of all genres, offers two mic / line / instrument inputs to simultaneously record and play up to two channels with independent controls for headphone and monitor outputs. It has two further improved Scarlett mic preamps, equipped with the Air mode, the eponymous effect of the original Focusrite ISA mic preamp, able to give voice and acoustic recordings a brighter and more airy sound

The CM25 MkIII condenser microphone lets you capture studio-quality recordings true to the original source, while the new HP60 MkIII closed headphones, with a new improved design, offer high sound quality and comfort throughout the recording and mixing. Simply connect your guitar or bass to high-headroom instrument inputs and start recording without undesired cuts or distortions by keeping an eye on the input level with the intuitive Gain Halo measurement.

Thanks to the high-performance 24-bit / 192 kHz AD-DA converters, Scarlett guarantees the same professional sound quality throughout the third generation model series. The 2i2 interface is designed for use on tour: it connects directly to the Mac® or PC with a USB cable, without external power.

The Scarlett 2i2 Studio package includes all the software tools needed to get started, including two complete digital audio workstations: Ableton® Live Lite ™ and Pro Tools® First Focusrite Creative Pack. Intuitive enough for beginners, but advanced enough to inspire the true creativity with excellent sound effects.

Focusrite has partnered with Splice to offer third-generation interface owners a free 3-month Splice Sounds subscription by registering a new Splice account. Splice Sounds offers millions of high-quality, royalty-free snapshots, loops and presets, with new daily releases from favorite producers, sound designers and artists. Producers use Splice to create all kinds of music, including graphic pop tops, Grammy winning albums, underground mixtapes and soundtracks.
Like all Focusrite products, you can also benefit from a two-year warranty, qualified customer support and participation in the Plug-in Collective which offers free software downloads and substantial discounts.

Supplied Software

    Ableton Live Lite music making software
    Pro Tools - First Focusrite Creative Pack
    3 months free Splice Sounds subscription with a new Splice account
    Focusrite Red 2 & Red 3 Plug-In Suite
    a Virtual instrument chosen from 4 of the XLN Audio Addictive Keys
    Softube Time & Tone Bundle
    Access to Focusrite Plug-in Collective

   Relevant features

    Two of the best mic preamps ever in the Scarlett range, now with the selectable Air mode to give the recordings a brighter and more open sound.
    The large diaphragm condenser microphone allows you to capture studio quality recordings true to the original source.
    Improved HP60 MkIII closed headphones offer high sound quality and lasting comfort, invaluable for recording or mixing.
    Two high-headroom instrument inputs to connect the guitar or bass
    With our Quick Start tool it is now easier than ever to be operational.


USB Type-C connectivity
USB 2.0 protocol
Form Factor Desktop
2 x 2 Simultaneous I / O
A / D 24-bit / 192 kHz resolution
Number of Preamps 2
Phantom Power Yes
Instrument 2 Inputs
Line 2 inputs
Analog Outputs 2
Headphone output 1
Bus Powered Yes
CM25 MkIII Cardioid Microphone / Condenser
HP60 MkIII Closed Back headphones
Weight 2.085 Kg (4.60 lbs)
Height 106 mm (4.17 ")
Width 429 mm (16.89 ")
Depth 258 mm (10.16 ")


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