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Pair of High End monitor speakers

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MoFi SourcePoint 10 are the new High End loudspeakers of the famous brand in the analog world: the very high sound quality is combined with the design that gives a nod to the Vintage monitors of the 50s.


MoFi SourcePoint 10 – High End monitor speakers by Andrew Jones

Hifight is pleased to present SourcePoint 10, the monitor speakers created by MoFi Electronics in collaboration with Andrew Jones able to offer sound quality and a refined design with a Vintage look.

The driver developed by MoFi, a 25 cm (10”) two-way coaxial, is engineered with innovative concepts. The 25cm diameter was chosen as the ideal size to minimize cone movement and produce deep bass. MoFi worked with a pulp and paper composite and developed the cone shape to optimize the resonance behavior and waveguide requirements of the tweeter.

The 3cm (1.25”) soft dome tweeter is capable of working from 1.6kHz, also thanks to the large diameter voice coil. The large suspension extends the low- and high-frequency response of the tweeter, while the waveguide increases bass efficiency by a significant margin.

The SourcePoint 10 includes a magnet system that MoFi has dubbed “Twin-Drive” with high flux neodymium magnets for the woofer and tweeter, precisely matched so that the gaps between the woofer voice coil and tweeter structure are optimized for consistent signal flow between the two drivers. This technology helps the speaker play with exceptional clarity.

A look at the 50s look

Enormous care has also been given to the design. The 5cm (2”) thick faceted front baffle is carefully sculpted to reduce diffraction.

The 1950s-inspired cabinet is of the Bass Reflex type – with rear vented port – and is made with 2.5cm (1”) thick MDF panels to offer greater internal stiffness and two additional bracings are integrated. The external finish is made of real wood available in satin walnut or black ash; A black acoustic fabric magnetic grille is included.

The 50-liter internal volume provides the desired combination of low-frequency extension and efficiency: low-frequency extension down to 42Hz, sensitivity of 91dB, and impedance of 8 ohms true with a minimum of 6.4 ohms. In summary, SourcePoint 10 is extremely easy to fly.

The crossover frequency is fixed at 1600 Hz: this is the threshold from which higher frequencies are handled by the tweeter while lower ones by the woofer. Thanks to the coaxial design of the two drivers, aligned in the time domain and in the phase, the sound image will be holographic and of an astonishing coherence.

MoFi thus offers the best sound interface for the reproduction of our beloved vinyls: from the MoFi StudioDeck or UltraDeck turntables, passing through the prestigious PhonoStudio and UltraPhono preamplifiers, the musical experience reaches levels of quality and fidelity.

Who is Andrew Jones?

SourcePoint 10 are the new speakers designed by Andrew Jones for MoFi designed to complete the MoFi catalog by providing all the tools for an authentic listening experience of vinyl masterpieces. Jones has over 10 years' experience designing loudspeakers and MoFi has entrusted him with the design of their loudspeakers, no matter the budget.

The look looks to the middle of the last century while the concentric driver technology is capable of looking to the future of the Audio world. Return to the large woofer to minimize the excursion capable of providing the right punch and quality bass, but without introducing distortion. The crossover point is fixed at 1.6kHz using paper cones, neodymium magnets and low profile surrounds. The 28mm silk dome tweeter is slightly larger than traditional tweeters for better power handling and boasts a wider surround for greater low frequency extension: this improves both high frequency response and amalgam with the woofer.

The concentric driver design provides a homogeneous sound rendering and avoids orientation problems, also thanks to the large waveguide. You can sit close or far apart, even off axis, and still sound great.

Amplification recommended

To exploit all the potential of these extraordinary loudspeakers it is advisable to refer to quality amplifiers. An ideal partner is undoubtedly with Hegel's integrated amplifiers, thanks to their natural and transparent sound thanks to the great control capacity. In this case, the entry model H95 is sufficient to drive these speakers while the top model H120 is ideal. For those who want more power - and therefore control - the right model is the H190.

For those who want a typical English sound, the integrated Cyrus XR family are a very valid solution, such as the entry-level model i7 XR or the older brother i9-XR.

For those who want smarter solutions, we recommend Lyngdorf's integrated systems which integrate not only connectivity with the main streaming platforms but also the RoomPerfect patent capable of providing digital treatment of the listening environment.

Complete the Setup

To optimize the acoustic performance of these speakers, it is recommended to place them on stands, such as Stylum Max or Stylum Square by Norstone or the splendid FS104 Signature or FS206 by Custom Design.

To optimize the sound performance, we recommend placing a set of 4 Orea Indigo isolators by IsoAcoustics under the base of the speakers, capable of managing vibrations to ensure a clearer and more detailed sound image.

And obviously, for the connection with the amplifiers, speaker cables capable of guaranteeing quality performance are recommended. Chord Company is a leading manufacturer of high quality cables for both signal transmission and interference control. In this case, we recommend ClearwayX and ShawlineX speaker cables.


Design: 2-way vented box, concentric driver

Bass Reflex: Posteriore

Frequency Range: 42 Hz – 30 kHz

Nominal Impedance: 8 ohm, 6,2 ohm minimum

Sensitivity: 91 dB/2,83V/1m

Crossover Frequency: 1,6 kHz

Max Power Input: 200 W

Tweeter: 1.25″ wide roll soft dome

Woofer: 10″ Paper Cone

Cabinet Finish: Satin Real wood Walnut or Black Ash veneer

Baffle Finish: Satin black painted baffle

Dimensions (W x H x D): 368 x 572 x 406 without grille (14.5″ x 22.5″ x 16”)

Dimensions with grille (W x H x D): 368 x 572 x 422 with grille (14.5″ x 22.5″ x 16.6″)

Weight (each): 21 kg

Price for the pair of speakers


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