Cable RCA Audio Signal 2 meters

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An analog cable signal should change as little as possible the sound, changing in the best way listening!

With that in mind, after over a year of research and listening tests, testing countless solutions to better refine the final product, debuts the first signal cable RCA Series Supreme, what for us is the product without compromise. By following this view we designed Supreme Signal RCA, starting from the objective that we wanted to achieve, without compromising on market logic. In spite of our fundamentalism project, the first thing that surprises, it is the cost, almost ridiculous, when compared to the build quality and sonic of cable.

Opening the box, the first thing that amazes is certainly the elegant looks with a fragrance of all Italian craftsmanship, which now offers the impression of having in his hands a luxury item. Once the connection is made, one is immediately struck by the sharp increase in output volume, which to perceive a greater dynamic listening. The soundstage is well in the center, with wide and deep soundstage, bass, precise and well-controlled and an increasing airiness of high frequencies, well defined, never tiring.

Tonal accuracy that results from the use of Signal Supreme is amazing, thanks to its strong neutrality, you can fully enjoy the performance of the electronic reproduction and amplification without coloring the sound in any way, maintaining an enviable transparency across the entire range, with voices that take on an incredible three-dimensionality and instruments well perceptible in every point of the stage.

Thanks to this feature, Supreme Signal adapts well to any source, whether valve, which in the solid state. Excellent with dedicated DAC and high-end turntables.

If you are looking for a cable to correct defects aids to your system, you have the wrong product, because Supreme Signal is revealing of your electronic and if the system has problems of set-up, these will be amplified. On the contrary, if you look for a neutral cable that enhances the most of the quality of your electronics, try Supreme Signal and you can not live without!

Supreme Signal is made entirely by hand in Italy, taking care of every detail of construction, aesthetic and testing. Each piece is tested both with instruments of that audio system, to have the certainty that the performances are constant for each piece produced.

The copper used for this model is in pure OFC 99.999%, with internal twisting the conductor, which allows to have a signal propagation very fast and the passage of the data correct and complete. The welds are made exclusively by hand with Tin of high purity, free from lead and with 5 parts of silver, not to lose speed at signal at the points of welding.

The conductors are twisted configuration, to further increase the electron flow.

The setup is type Semi-Balanced, a structure that allows for the sound stage more focused.

The structure which is produced this signal cable generates a natural electronic dictated by constructive geometry. This situation causes the reproduced signal is better in one direction than the other, then in order to appreciate the sound, it is necessary to respect the directionality indicated by the arrows in the vicinity of the logo.

The meaning to be respected is the following: SOURCE>>>>>> AMPLIFIER
The insulation is top notch with dielectric conductors and two-component insulating internal Teflon twisted together with conductors. This type of insulation allows to drastically lower the capacity of cable and consequently obtain a transparency listening in the entire frequency range and a greater control of the low, thanks to the small loss of the audio signal along the way.

Hi-End brand new connectors designed directly from Ricable, with monocoque body fully plated 24K gold, 6 ground loops increased for a perfect seal and body non-magnetic alloy ultra light. The central pole expansion and the Teflon dielectric guarantees signal transmission constant and without any loss, even in the focal points of contact with the electronic.

This model is subjected to treatment Ricable R-Electron to which the cable is subjected to assembly completed. This process owner Ricable greatly improves the ability of the dynamic conductor, acting on electronic level on copper.

The result is a cleaner source timbre and faithful to the original. The treatment creates a huge benefit even at Soundstage, resulting in a more tridimensionality, more detailed voice and instruments properly separated.
The shielding is triple and is made with a sheet of semiconduttre, one of aluminum and a braid of tinned OFC 95% coverage. This solution provides optimum protection against external interference, which could severely disturb the sound quality of the transmitted signal.

The outer sheath is designed to give even greater screen, with a high-density material of the latest generation, which reduces by 50% the effect of external noise, compared to common PVC.

The cable is finished with a nylon braiding at high mechanical resistance. This allows having a constant and long lasting protection on the cable.


Geometry: Semi Balanced
Conductors Material: Pure Copper OFC (Oxigen Free Copper) 99,999%
Conductors Structure: Twisted between themselves and with the insulation
External Shielding: OFC tinned copper braid with coverage at 95%
Internal Shielding: Aluminium foil + Semiconductor
Dielectric insulation: Teflon
External Protection: Jacket high density with braid in Nylon
Connectors Features: 24K Gold Plated Body Alloy
                     non-magnetic shell
                     Polo Central at expansion
                     Ring mass with 6 elements oversized
                     Teflon dielectric
                     Suppression Shell

Contacts: 24K Gold Plated
External Diameter: 10mm.
Special Features: Treated with R-Electron System


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