Phono cable to connect the turntable to the phono preamplifier. Ideal for high quality equipment. Ground cable supplied with tin-plated copper swingarm.

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High End phono Cable with absolute technical, aesthetic and acoustic caliber, designed expressly to connect the record-player to the Phono preamplifier and to the amplifier by the latter.

The sound yield is characterized by an incredible acoustic equilibrium, capable of exponentially improving the direct analogue reproduction with any type of pick-up, thanks to a better tonal characterization, rustle reduction and more extensive dynamics.

 The tone is very natural and this will allow you to hear every detail of your vinyl, advantage amplified also by the use of the new technology RNR (Ricable Noise Reduction) with Germanium semiconductor.

Amazing characterization of the stage, with sharper voices, bright and well centered, particular distinction and positioning of musical instruments, all for a unique three-dimensionality.

Ideal for record-players of any type, it expresses the best of its choice with MM/MC pick-ups and high-quality phone preamplifiers.


Conductors from 0.57 mm2 of 7n MASC copper (Multicore Annealed Ricable Conductor) with 0.08 mm strands with a smoother and more compact surface allowing a 70% better audio transmission than OFC copper.Four-pole Phono geometry with isolations and corded conductor with rod-crank detorsion to eliminate any stress to the conductors. Triple total shielding with mixed copper/aluminum/magnesium system to cover all audio frequencies from EMI/RFI interference.Oversize copper RCA connectors OFC with hot-pole expansion system and mass-ring tightening system. With these connectors there is an improvement of the electrical parameters of more than 40% compared to common brass connectors. 24k gold plated with gold/copper specific electrolysis techniqueRNR (Ricable Noise Reduction) technology with Germanium semiconductor on all conductors to break down the background noises. With this system the sound is more detailed and luminous, while maintaining a natural and balanced tone.The used insulating materials are the top of R-TEC technology, with special polyethylene and innovative polymers, in order to reduce electrical capacity and resistance and to guarantee a better support to the Audio signal.


More than two years ago, we introduced the AM-RCC conductors into our power cables and the result was extraordinary. From that moment on, we worked for a further improvement of our conductors, because although the result was already excellent, we had seen margins for a significant improvement.

From these studies came out the new conductor MARC©, acronym of Multicore Annealed Ricable conductor, which characterizes the entire production of Magnus, Dedalus and Invictus.

These improvements allowed producing a copper conductor with a purity of 7n (99.99999%) more malleable than the previous one, thanks to the reduction of grains per meter by 25% compared to AM-RCC. This production implementation has allowed producing more smooth strands on the surface, more ductile and less diameter.

The following advantages are:

1. Greater quantity of raw material: The wire of the conductor is thinner and in greater quantity, on the same section, and consequently, with the same surface of conductor, we have a greater quantity of copper.

2. Skin effect reduction: By increasing the number of wires of the conductor and reducing the grains of the worked copper with consequent compaction of the surface, a substantial reduction of the skin effect is obtained, which in audio applications is one of the causes of more acoustic signal degradation.

3. Resistance reduction: Another effect of the diameter increase of the wires is that with consequently copper increase, even the electrical resistance has been reduced considerably.

4. Flexibility: MARC© Copper, in addition to the acoustic and electrical benefits, has made it possible to improve cable flexibility up to 70% compared to OFC copper.

5. Acoustics: The new work MARC©, together with the other introduced innovations, produces a greater transparency, a better detail, a more characterized soundstage in the sound, keeping unchanged the neutrality that has always distinguished our Production.

When we began to see the great results that could give the new conductor MARC ©, our research was focused on developing connectors that could enhance the new cables we were developing. It is well known that the connector is a focal point of the transmission of the audio signal, where the use of conventional brass connectors, can lose even 50% of the performance of a connection, so we started immediately the project Called RCCP, because our goal was to build new connectors with pure copper contacts.

The challenge was particularly difficult as it was a matter of redesigning all the connectors, taking into account the greater softness of the copper, which does not adapt to the production of the connectors, as often the contact points are very thin and can be subject to bends.

After a process that lasted more than two years, we can assert that Ricable is the first cable manufacturer that realizes a whole series of Hi-Fi Audio Cables (Invictus Series) with fully copper connectors and regarding the two smaller series, the connectors are completely of copper in most of the products, except for some exceptions, where it was necessary to use a copper-tellurium alloy, which in any case is a decidedly superior conductor than brass, generally used in Hi-Fi connectors.

All the connectors of the Magnus, Dedalus and Invictus Series are projected and designed by us and are manufactured individually with a special CNC Numerical control technique, re-adapted for the use of copper as raw material.

Parts that are not of copper, such as bodies and plastic components, adopt solutions to improve and safeguard the contact points.

The result of this painstaking work is impressive. From our performed tests, we had an improvement in the transmission of the electrical parameters of more than 40% compared to the brass connectors and this resulted in a clear improvement even in listening.

All connectors are 24k gold plated with gold/copper specific electrolysis technique in order to prevent corrosion and keep a constant performance over time.

With the advent of the new range, Ricable has introduced a series of important innovations, carrying out a prototyping work supported by technical studies, in order to choose materials and constructive techniques to be combined with the new conductors and connectors, thus completing the production of innovative and more performing cables in every use of the system.

The most innovative technologies have been implemented in the series Invictus, but also the smaller series have those technologies derived from the top of the range, in order to realize a range scaled for needs and characteristics.

The most important technological innovations concern the construction geometries, the insulations and the shields.

New Geometries

With the advent of new conductors MARC ©, we have developed new ways of setting up multi-rows conductors and new rules of interlacing with insulators and shields. The objective is to improve the electrical specifications, which, depending on the type of audio cable, influence the sound performance. In particular we have studied conductive surfaces specific for the type of cable and detorsion cording system with crank rod that allows twisting without stretching the conductors.

New Insulations

In dielectric and non-insulating insulators, we have introduced new materials, generally not used in the production of Hi-Fi cables, demonstrating our aptitude for unconventional experimentation. Among the major innovations, the use of new thermoplastic compounds that allow obtaining better dielectric specifications of polyethylene and a greater flexibility to PVC, and also a better preserving of the copper contact characteristics. Another important novelty is the insertion in some models of a Germanium-based material that impressively improves the background noises in the audio signal.

New Shields

The development process on the shields of the new range has been a continuation of past studies. We have identified the most effective shielding in every project, both for structure and material, in order to determine efficient and never superfluous screens.

Made in Italy

Invictus, Dedalus and Magnus are produced with very specific dictates from a technical point of view; however, their history is much more romantic.

It begins during an autumn afternoon, where the inspiration came up to produce a range of refined cables, made with care by skilled and passionate hands, with avant-garde technical and acoustic characteristics and a unique design, more characterized and personal, in order to produce very valuable handmade artifacts.

The technological solutions, the design, the testing, the production, the packaging, derive completely from our vision of product and the acquired experience over the years in this sector.

Every step of the production is executed entirely by hand and the verifications on every single piece are maniacal, with the use of new tools and testing procedures, but above all with the help of a meticulous human control. This is the great added value, because we are sure that technology is an indispensable support to quality, but we are equally convinced, as good Italians, that better things are those ones made with the heart, with skillful artisanship, a machine cannot and will never replicate.

From the alliance of Italian technology and craftsmanship, we have set up a new range of products, specific for Hi-Fi Audio and in order to mark better the evolution with the past, we have given new names to all these products, Invictus, Dedalus and Magnus.

From today, every product identified by these series, will be guaranteed to be made in Italy, handmade and with the best technological innovations that Ricable has elaborated and will elaborate. In fact, the creation of a new research and development department, specially created to develop Invictus, Dedalus and Magnus, will have the constant goal of experimenting new solutions to guarantee the best Hi-Fi cables of today and tomorrow.

Technical Specifications

Capacity: 21pF/mt.
Resistance: 42 Ohm/Km

Constructive Specifications

Geometry: Phono
Conductors Material: MARC Pure Copper 7N 99,9999%
Conductors Structure: Twisted between themselves and with the insulation with detorsion system
Conductors Size: 0,08 mm
Conductors Surface: 2 x 0,57mm2
External Diameter: Ø 11,50 mm
External Shielding: OFC Copper High-coverage
Internal Shielding: Aluminium/Mylar/Magnesium
Dielectric insulation: Techno Polymer R-TEC
External Protection: High density sheath with polyethylene/Nylon braid
Material Connector: Pure OFC Copper
Connectors Features:
24k Gold Plated OFC copper monobloc body
Amagnetic Shell with carbon finish
Gold plated with gold/copper specific electrolysis technique
Polo Central at expansion
Professional tightening system to tighten on the mass rings
Ring mass with 6 elements oversized
Teflon dielectric
Suppression Shell
Contacts: Hand welded with special eutectic alloy Sn/Ag/Cu
Special Features:
Ground cable OFC Copper with forks of the same length of the cable
Noise Reduction System at Germanium


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