Digital USB cable to connect DAC and Computer for Hi-Fi liquid music listening.

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MAGNUS USB - Digital Hi-End Audio Cable USB 2.0 A/B

Digital USB cable to connect DAC and Computer for Hi-Fi liquid music listening.

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Liquid music is by now an integral part of the Hi-Fi world and, day after day, for its peculiarities, it climbs more and more to the top of the preferred sources by the audiophiles. Equipping your system with a good USB cable allows you to optimize the digital interconnection between the computer and the converter.

The "little" prodigy.

We started developing the USB project a long time ago and, as usual, the Magnus series is a derivation of the top of the range Invictus. Also the Magnus USB follows this constructive philosophy, in order to guarantee certain performances for high quality systems, even if not of absolute level. We are dealing with a USB Audio cable with a refined construction that shares with its bigger brothers the basic idea that a digital signal, in order to be transported well, must be protected from interferences and enjoy an excellent isolation in order to obtain a fluid, precise and faithful transmission.

The sound performance is characterized by a marked improvement in the bass range, which acquires depth, and by a better separation in the mid-high range, which gives brightness and detail to voices. The greater control makes the listening more airy and fresh. Certainly the best result is obtained with lossless source files, but the general improvement is perceivable also in PCM and, incredibly, also with compressed formats, like MP3.

Performance above normal.

When it comes to USB cables, the "material" transported is the bit, that is to say a computer data. So, even if our cables are specific for Audio, we have performed purely computer tests to understand the limit of our product. As for all digital cables, the length is an enemy and the USB 2.0 specification certifies the transport of the signal with lengths between source and receiver not exceeding 5m. The Magnus USB goes well beyond these distances and could compete in some length records. We've made cables much longer than we'll ever need in Audio and have done connection tests with a Hi-Fi DAC with 96kHz audio files and a very simple passive pen drive.

The result, a result of the inherent quality of the Magnus USB, is impressive. We were able to connect the DAC up to a distance of 30 meters, reproducing 96 kHz files. With a passive device, that has no auxiliary power supply and that must receive the necessary one to work just from the cable, we have reached 25 meters connected to a direct USB port on the PC. If we consider that USB cables on the market, for distances over 5 meters, must be equipped with one or more boosters, we understand from these tests the extreme ability of the Magnus USB to transport computer data from one point to another.

Quality and Quantity Construction.

What is the secret of this performance? Simple, the construction techniques and the quality of materials used. Magnus USB is equipped with 4 shields, placed in an intelligent way to shield the cable from the outside, but also to keep well separated the data part from the power one. Unfortunately, shields are a bit like antibiotics, they carry both benefits and disadvantages, so we created a separate geometry of cords between data and power, separating everything with specific insulators and using different dielectrics to find the best balance between shield and optimal transmission.

The goal, perfectly achieved, was to create a USB cable with correct impedance, low capacity, low resistance and excellent shielding. From these assumptions has come out a very complex geometry that, thanks to its balance, has allowed to obtain amazing results for this product, which exudes craftsmanship even from the connector, designed to ensure ease of grip and protection in the most delicate points of soldering.



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