Power Cable 2 x 4 mt.

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Ricable Hi-End Speaker N2 - Power Cable 2 x 3 mt.

Hi-End Speaker Cable is a revolutionary in concept, because it is the result of a very detailed study on the positive effects of screening and isolation applied to the amplification signals. The result arising from this study allowed us to build a cable with exceptional performance compared to a hypothetical product without such prerogatives.

The result is astonishing, since the acoustic reproduction is very detailed, but at the same hot and musical time. The bass control is excellent, and the high frequencies are reproduced with greater airiness. The coupling is guessed both with installations in valves, which in the solid state, because the sound output is exactly the one that the electroacoustic want to express, without no color, into any frequency, but with the maximum tonal balance in the whole of frequency band.

Made entirely by hand in Italy, it presents a true finishes top of the range, with a maniacal attention to detail, typical of the best crafts made by hand.

The design is modern and clean lines to satisfy the view, while the touch will be satisfied by the use of latest technology materials, which give a very flexible cable, despite its grandeur. Now that you have seen it, now that you have not touched, you just need to connect it to your system and starting to manage sublimate your listening!

Hi-End Speaker is available in four lengths and is sold in pairs in a stylish package.

The project Hi-End Speaker is all Italian and the realization is completely handmade in Italy. A long and meticulous process that leads to the creation of a valuable artifact, with unique sonic characteristics in this price range.

The power cable Hi-End Speaker is made with copper conductors OFC with a purity of 99.999%. Each individual conductor is made with 450-section wires 0.15 mm, for a total area of ​​6 mm2 for each conductor.

The copper quality and special process, allow for a very low resistance, which together with the generous size of the wires, guarantees a perfect signal flow, with an incredible achievement in listening even the most difficult passages of your music.

The twisted constructive geometry allows to obtain a remarkable reduction of the inductances to the advantage of an even better listening experience.

The contacts are all devoid of welds to ensure the purest possible contact and are isolated from the air with a silicone material.

This model is subjected to treatment Ricable R-Electron to which the cable is subjected to completed assembly. This Ricable own method greatly improves the dynamic capacity of the conductor, acting electronically on the copper layer.

The result is a cleaner tone and faithful to the original source. The treatment creates an enormous benefit to also Soundstage, resulting in a more three-dimensional, detailed voice and well separated instruments.

The cable shielding is guaranteed by OFC tinned copper braid that covers 90% of the cable surface. This solution allows to have no influences from the outside, with the great advantage of a precision of important transmission. The mid / bass are more full-bodied, precise and treble gain greater transparency.

The internal insulation is formed by strings of different section in high density PE, which together with conductors twisted and wrapped in tissue, performing the dual task of isolating the two poles (postive and negative) between them, in addition to insulate the conductors from outer sheath. The result is a greater signal propagation speed, ensuring a higher linearity and naturalness of the musical signal.

The realization of Hi-End Speaker is refined and comes from our Hi-End productions.

The connectors are in single body with 24K Gold plated Banana BFA. This type of graft is much better than the standard bananas with pegs, as it guarantees a higher contact area, also, even at a distance of time, the contact is always perfect, in contrast to most of the banana connectors that easily wear out in points sealing with the clamp.

The connector body is made of non-magnetic alloy, a material that allows you to not absorb resistive loads.

The finishes are of great value with a modern cable design, but elegant, that will embellish any type of system that will be connected.

The structure used to make it this power cord creates a natural electronic movement dictated by constructive geometry. This situation means that the reproduced signal is better in one direction than the other, then in order to appreciate the sound, it is necessary to respect the direction indicated by the arrows in the vicinity of the logo.
The meaning to be respected is the following: AMP >>>>>> SPEAKER

The Ricable Cables are Guaranteed for all Life directly to domicile customer with a service center envied worldwide for efficiency and competence.

Technical specifications
Capacity: <50 pF / m.
Resistance: <3.5 Ohm / Km

Constructive specifications
Geometry: Directional Twisted Pair
Conductors Material: Pure copper OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) 99.999%
Conductor Size: 0.15 mm
Size of Conductors: 6 mm2
External shield: OFC tinned copper braid plus
Inner shield: Ropes made of high density PE + wrapping cloth
Dielectric insulation: PE High Flexibility
External protection: increased PVC jacket + Nylon stocking
Features Connectors:
Banana BFA Professional
Alloy body fully plated 24K Gold
non-magnetic shell
Contacts: Gold Plated 24K
External Diameter: 16mm.
Special Features:
Treated with R-Electron System


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