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Reference cable for Digital HDMI 2.0 signals and earlier versions, made of 99.999% pure OFC copper 26 AWG. 10 meters.

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Reference cable for Digital HDMI 2.0 signals and earlier versions, made of 99.999% pure OFC copper 26 AWG. It is distinguished by upper level production quality and refined aesthetic that makes it ideal for the most demanding user.
Connectors are of a special metal antijamming alloy that greatly reduces external interferences. The contacts are 24K gold-plated for a perfect image transmission.
This model is ideal for Blue-Ray players, AV Receivers, TV LCD, LED and Plasma, PS3, XBox connections, and all those peripherals that need a high quality cable for a perfect image transmission.
Significant Features

The Bandwidth of the Hi-End series is impressive compared to the minimum one required by the HDMI 2.0 specifications which is 18 Gbps. This value measures the digital data amount the cable can pass per second and the high obtained value allows obtaining a purity of image and sound identical to the source one.

The TMDS and HEAC conductors are pure single crystal OCC copper 24 AWG Solid Core, equipped with a dedicated double shielding. The contacts are 24K gold-plated, the same thing for the generous connectors which are also plated inside in order to give a shielding at maximum levels according to the most critical contact points.

The shielding is triple: Mylar + Aluminium at the inside prevent interference and noises at high frequencies, while the external copper shielding prevents interferences at low frequencies.
The PE foamed dielectric insulation ensures a sharp and stable image, while the external cotton braiding protects the cable from wear.
HDMI 2.0 certified cable, the new frontier of High Audio&Video Definition. This cable doesn't only meet the minimum required specifications by the HDMI consortium, but exceeds them by far, in order to offer always the best on the market.
The Ricable HDMI 2.0 series is backward compatible with the HDMI 1.4 and 1.3 versions, both for functionality as well as for the features.

The new supported resolution 4K@50/60, more commonly known as 4K Ultra HD, is the new visual standard that allows images 4 times more defined than the "old" Full HD 1080p. Ricable supports also fully 3D 4K, which due to the high construction quality is more clear and sharp.

Support for native reproduction in wide-angle lens 21:9 format, the same reproduction format as in cinemas/movies and which represents the future of Home Vision.

Native support up to 32 Audio channels for an unprecedented multidimensional experience.

Losless audio support with 1536kHz sampling frequency for an unprecedented purity of sound at the Home Cinema.

The Ricable cables integrate the Ethernet channel to transfer the data flow up to 100 Mb/Sec directly in the HDMI cable among the different connected devices so that all the connected devices will be networked without the use of other cables.

The Audio Return Channel allows managing the Audio in both directions from the television to the receiver in such a way that it won't be necessary to use a second return cable from the TV in order to listen to the last one with the Home Cinema system.

The making of the Ricable HDMI 2.0 cables has particular shielding to protect the data against noise. They have all triple shielding and connectors realized with antijammed alloys. The contacts are gold-plated and the used dielectrics are the most efficient ones on the market. All these attentions allow greatly to improve the signal transit and to reduce external interference.

Technical Specifications
HDMI Version: 2.0 with Ethernet (backward compatible with HDMI 1.3 and 1.4 technology)
Bandwidth: >18 Gbps
Clock Rate: 600 Mhz.
Support of:
Ultra HD 4K
3D e 3D 4K
32 Audio Channel
Audio Losless up to 1.563 kHz.
21:9 Native Screen
Ethernet Channel (HEC)
Audio Return Channel (ARC)
Multi Stream Audio/Video
All Standard of previous generations
Constructive Specifications
Conductors Material: Pure Copper OFC (Oxigen Free Copper) 99,999%
Conductors Structure: Twisted conductors with double major in separate screen
Conductors Size: 26 AWG Solid Core
External Shielding: OFC tinned copper with braid plus
Internal Shielding: Mylar and Aluminium
Dielectric insulation: High Density PE
External Protection: High mechanical resistance Nylon
Material Connector: Interference Suppression League
Contacts: 24K Gold Plated
External Diameter: 7,4mm.


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