Digital coaxial cable 75ω rca - 0.5 meters

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Hi-End Cable for Coaxial Digital Signals, made with pure copper OFC 99.999% copper. It is distinguished by the superior quality of construction and the aesthetics that make it ideal for the most demanding user.

The end result is naturalness and cleanliness of the sound that make the Ricable Hi-End Digital ideal for connecting the best CD players and DAC Hi-Fi players, in fact the most surprising thing is the neutrality generated by this artifact that allows to reach The true essence of a cable, that is, the ability to color the source sound as little as possible.

Incredibly powerful also for connecting Active Subwoofers, because thanks to the numerous shots and the generous conductor, the low frequencies are reproduced in a precise and controlled manner.


Relief Features

The coaxial geometry of the Ricable Digital Hi-End, coupled with high quality materials and selective shields, always has a 75 Ohm perfect impedance, ideal for transmitting digital audio signals.

The conductor is made with 18AWG conductor in pure 99.999% OFC copper, which allows to have precision in the transmission of the digital signal out of the ordinary.

The contacts are all screwed, without any welding and hand-made, to improve the signal transfer that directly connects the conductors and the bullet socket with the gold contacts of the connector.

Cable insulation from external interferences is at the highest level with five shields:

Above the Dielectric is a double shielded aluminum foil + Mylar, followed by a third shielded copper-plated shield. Above this shoe there is an additional sheet of aluminum. Complete the insulation with an external sock Socks OFC Stagnato that is attached to the cold pole of the cable.

Above the last shield there is an extra flexible PVC sheath that facilitates the installation of this imposing cable. The surface finish is characterized by a Nylon stocking that also protects the cable from external stresses.

The used connectors are a real jewel of beauty and quality. They are of a professional type, with the fully gold-plated 24K body, 8-element grounding ring and super-lightweight aluminum clutch cover with female clamp for perfect contact, in fact the best of the best to finish this excellent product.

Digital Coaxial Audio Cable specifically designed for Hi-Fi use and ideal for connecting digital sources such as a CD player, network player, etc. to the dedicated DAC converter or integrated in an audio amplifier. It is also indicated to connect Active Subwoofers to the AV Amplifier.

New Extremely Flexible design to best fit the needs of your plant. Thanks to the use of more and more technical materials, flexibility has improved.

The dielectric of this series is made of high density polyethylene, this helps to improve the neutrality of the reproduction of sound tracks

The entire body of the connector is made of 24K gold plated alloy, to allow maximum contact with the receiver.

The cable is finished with a high strength Nylon sock. This allows you to have a durable and constant cable protection.

Constructive Specifications

Geometry: Coaxial
Impedance: 75 Ohm Guaranteed and Controlled
Lead Material: Pure Copper OFC (Oxigen Free Copper) 99.999%
Conductor Size: 18 AWG Solid Core
Exterior Shade: OFC Copper Braided Stagnate Greater
Internal Shielding: Aluminum + Mylar + Copper Copper + Aluminum
Dielectric Insulation: PE High density foam
External Protection: High-strength Nylon sock
Features Connectors: 8-element mass-ring
                            Fully plated alloy body 24K Gold in Anti-Shock Alloy
                            Professional with screw tightening on the female
                            Ultra lightweight aluminum body
                            Dielectric in Teflon

Contacts: 24K Gold Plated
Diameter Outside: 9.5mm.


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