Hi-Fi Power Cable Triple Shielding with 8 mmq conductor

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Ricable Supreme Power is the ultimate expression of Hi-End power cable, a definitive solution for electronic high-level Hi-Fi, specifically designed to maximize the performance, for those who do not want to compromise and get the most out of your system .

A high quality solution for the power connection of the Hi-Fi electronic. Based on AM-RCC technology and on in-depth study of interference at all frequencies, it is the optimal solution for those looking for a power cable from the high price / quality ratio.

 Ricable totally care in Italy all the design and construction dynamics that are the basis of all power cables, which depart from the technical study of the cable, the design, implementation with AM-RCC conductors, the termination with high connectors quality.

Ricable Supreme Power is unique and adopts a pair of conductors for each pole. Each conductor is shielded if and twisted with his twin. The twisted pair cable that comes has a further shielding and a total cross-section of 8 sq mm. The three poles are again twisted together to further reduce inductance and the whole thing has an additional shielding Copper OFC tinned.

This geometry double-twisting and triple shielding ensures a passage of the electric signal free from any kind of noise, and the total elimination of interferences that are generated with the electrical signal, in addition to a perfect shielding from external interference. To ensure the same quality even at the connection points, in the billet machined aluminum connectors are used that integrate an important suppression ferrite block. The made contacts in Japan are of great value and conclude the ideal path of the electrical signal.

Each cable, once the assembly is subjected to the R-Electron treatment, where it is further optimized the electron flow in the opposite direction and interference are more directional away from the equipment.

All these aspects create a unique product, the ideal companion of electronic fine of each type. The result in terms of music is a brighter sound, open, which acquires musicality and dynamic and returns the best that your electronics are able to offer.

Despite its grandeur with 22 mm in diameter, thanks to PM-RCC production technology and the use of advanced dielectrics and sheaths, what is surprising is the extreme flexibility of the product, enabling you to use it in comfort. The design is unique, important, and if we are a bit 'flashy, because a cable of this lineage and wants to appear, not only musically.

Made entirely by hand in Italy, it presents a true finishes top of the range, with a maniacal attention to detail, typical of the best crafts made by hand.
Ricable Supreme Power     

AM-RCC (Annealed Copper Conductor Multicore Ricable) is a conductor made of a special processing technique which provides for the drawing of the single wire in the absence of oxygen, starting from a conductor of large size. At each step the copper is annealed and the grain becomes larger and larger, improving purity and conductivity. At the end of processing you are obtained with a Multicore conductor strands as hair and a high degree of purity (99.9999% N7), which allows the signal to pass in a perfect way to the cable and to obtain very high degrees of flexibility, despite the high sections into play.    

The power cables, inside a Hi-Fi chain, act as both transmitting antennas of interference, it is by receiving antennas. For this reason it is essential the isolation, in order to eliminate the acoustic noise generated by this type of interactions.

Ricable Supreme Power has a unique insulation, the result of a study and a proprietary design, which no less than three shields with different materials and at key points of the signal transmission, with the only aim to take down any kind of interference, internal and external.

The first shielding Mylar / aluminum is on each single conductor and serves mainly to prevent interference at high frequencies. The second shielding layer is in the pole, so we have the grounding, the neutral and the phase formed by double-twisted and shielded conductor which in turn are shielded. This shield serves mainly to completely break down the noise generated inside the cable, with the passage of electric current. The third shielding is external, of all the cable and serves to prevent external interference.    

The double-twisting geometry allows to obtain a total reduction of the inductances to the advantage of an even better listening experience. The conductors of 4 mm² are cabled together to form a single pole 8 sq mm. The three poles are then stranded together insulation cotton and this causes a substantial increase of the propagation speed of electronics.
This model is subjected to treatment Ricable R-Electron to which the cable is subjected to completed assembly. This Ricable own method greatly improves the dynamic capacity of the conductor, acting at the electronic level on copper and while creating an optimal dispersion of the stationary interference. Similarly the connector contacts are benefited by the treatment and the sound benefits from recognition by brightness and definition.

The connectors used are of high quality. Made in Japan to our specifications, presented a machined from solid aluminum body and a noise integrated ferrite. The coating, made of genuine carbon fiber, gives a Hi-Tech look to the terminal, while the generous contacts are accurate and all 24K Gold plated for a perfect level of the electrical signal transmission.

Despite the appearance is not an essential feature, we also wanted to take care of this aspect, creating a very nice cable to see, very convenient to use and that will improve the performance of all your electronics that will be applied.

Technical Specifications

Resistance: < 2 Ohm/Km
Cable Max Power: 80

Constructive Specifications

Geometry: Double twisting with conductors Bipolar single shield
Conductors Material: AM-RCC Pure Copper OFC 99,9999% N7
Conductors Structure: Twisted between themselves and with the insulation
Conductors Size: 0,15 mm
Conductors Surface: 8 mm2 (2 x 4 mm2)
External Shielding: OFC tinned copper with braid plus
Internal Shielding: Mylar / aluminum on the single conductor 4 mm2 / OFC copper braid on the bi-pole cable
Dielectric insulation: Cotton Cord
External Protection: Extra Flexible PVC jacket increased with Nylon braid
Material Connector: Aluminum Turned from Replete with genuine carbon coverage
Connectors Features: Block Ferrite suppression integrated
                                Plug IEC 10A Made in Japan
                                Plug Schuko 16A Made in Japan

Contacts: 24K Gold Plated
External Diameter: 22mm.
Special Features: Treated with R-Electron System    


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