Ricable Supreme Speaker P2 - 2 MT

Power Cable 2 x 2 mt.

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Ricable Supreme Speaker Cable P2 - 2 x 2 mt.

After a research and development that lasted nearly two years, the first Hi-End Speaker cable of the trademark Ricable comes out.

Supreme Speaker is a "no compromise" artefact, designed for the sole purpose of getting the best out of a speaker cable and we sincerely believe that it will be really difficult to go beyond this result, both at sound level as well as in terms of design.

Supreme Speaker is an imposing cable of 20 mm diameter with high quality finishes and leading technical solutions. Despite the grandeur it is a product of an incredible ease of use, due to its impressive flexibility and professional expansion connectors.

The sound that can return Hi-End electro-acoustic is stunning. The reconstruction of the image and soundstage is fabulous, with a defined reproduction, controlled over the entire range of frequencies and a dreadful dynamics.

Although its natural dimension is that of being part of a high level audio chain, it astounds even with less refined electro-acoustic, because it can greatly improve the yield, giving accurate and controlled basses as well as clean and clear highs.

In Ricable we have always been convinced that the best cable is the one that doesn't seem to be, that is the one which doesn't mask the sound at all, because the Hi-Fi is this, to hear as closely as possible what the music source wants to transmit. Even in this aspect Supreme Speaker is amazing, with a level of neutrality never reached before, and a faithful reproduction of the amplification source.

Supreme Speaker is available in three lengths and is sold in pairs in a smart package. If you're looking for a defined speaker cable, then your search has come to an end ... Happy Listening!

Significant Features
Ricable Supreme Speaker     

The Supreme Speaker project is completely Italian and the final result is the fruit of many hours of research, testing and technical study in order to achieve what we had set.

The implementation is completely handmade in Italy. A long and meticulous process, leaving nothing to chance and always obtaining a perfect product in every aspect. We didn't want to leave anything to chance for this product because it's the detail that make the difference between a good cable and an excellent cable.
Ricable Supreme Speaker     The Supreme Speaker cable is made with OCC copper conductors of 99,9999% purity. OCC copper, compared to the more common OFC, has a higher purity level but above all a single crystal structure with the great advantage in giving no molecular obstacle to the signal that has to be transited.  Besides this aspect it has the advantage to be processed in very thin strands, ideal to reduce further the electronic capacity and resistance. Every singular conductor has been processed with 0.05 mm section.
Ricable Supreme Speaker     

The geometry of the power conductors is very particular and is based on a hexaphonic structure, where 6 multi-wire plaits are triple twisted on a central isolated conductor made with bigger solid core wires. The number of the singular wires which composes every singular master conductor that ends at the connector is very impressive, because there are more than 1000 ones with a total section of nearly 7 mmq.

The hexaphonic geometry of Supreme Speaker brings many advantages in sound terms, because it allows having very precise, plain and controlled basses but at the same time high, arioso and clean frequencies, however never excessively sharp and irritating.
Ricable Supreme Speaker     

The insulation is a fundamental component for the propagation speed of the signal and Teflon is the predominant dielectric in the Supreme Speaker. The insulation of the power conductors is made with particular Teflon of low melting point, a condition that allows not stressing thermal the copper conductors.

The insulation of the external cable is made of Teflon sanity and the whole is enclosed in a high thickness sheath of extra flexible silicone material.
Ricable Supreme Speaker     

The implementation of Supreme Speaker is particularly refined and observes the best Hi-Fi school to be able to return the demanded audio quality in a constant way.

The connectors are 24K gold-plated in a single body with expansion tightening. Once the banana has been introduced in the clamp, the connector will expand with a slight screwing of the body, tightening in this way the contact in a perfect and lasting way.

Both the separation blocks of the conductors, as well as the body of the connectors are of non-magnetic alloy, a situation that allows not absorbing resistive loads.

The finishes are of very good quality with a modern cable design, but very luxurious due to the blue contrast of the protection braiding with platinum inserts.

The contacts are all without sealing in order to ensure the most pure possible contact and they are isolated from the air with a silicone material.        

The production structure of this speaker cable creates a natural electronic movement dictated by the construction geometry. This situation means that the signal is better reproduced in one direction compared to the other one, therefore to appreciate better the sound, it is necessary to observe the direction indicated by the arrows on the non-magnetic blocks.

The direction to be observed is the following one: AMPLIFIER >>>>>> LOUDSPEAKER

Technical Specifications
Capacity: < 40 pF/mt.
Resistance: < 3 Ohm/Km
Constructive Specifications
Geometry: Esatonal
Conductors Material: Pure Copper OCC 99,9999%
Conductors Structure: 840 triple twisted wire braids in 6 + 1 insulated solid core conductor 7 wire
Conductors Size: 0,05 mm + 0,3 mm solid core
Conductors Surface: 6.8 mm2
Dielectric insulation: Microporous Teflon + Teflon Cordura
External Protection: Silicone sheath + Nylon
Connectors Features:

    24K Gold Plated Body Alloy
    Aluminum Ultralight Body
    non-magnetic shell
    Tightening Expansion

Contacts: 24K Gold Plated
External Diameter: 20mm.
Special Features:

    Non-magnetic shielded Blocks Strain relief


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