Esoteric G-02X

Esoteric G-02X

Master clock genenartor

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    Esoteric G-02X

    Esoteric G-02X

    Master clock genenartor

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    The high precision G-02X master clock genenartor adopts new technologies such as "Wide Range Clock Buffer Amplifiers", "Adaptive Zero Ground" circuits, and anew custom made high-precision OCXO to attain the very best in muscial expression from your deigital audio system.


    Spec description

    OCXO (Chrystal oscillator)


    Frequency stability

    Within ±0.015ppm (0°C to +70°C / 32°F to +158°F)

    Frequency precision

    Within ±0.015ppm ((when shipped new)

    Warm-up time

    10 min. (Until oscillator stabilizes after power turned on)

    Clock outputs


    10MHz OUT (BNC)


    Output level


    44.1kHz setting

    44.1k, 88.2k, 176.4k, 352.8k, 705.6kHz
    1.4112M, 2.8224M, 5.6448M, 11.2896M, 22.5792MHz

    48kHz setting

    48k, 96k, 192k, 384k, 768kHz
    1.536M, 3.072M, 6.144M, 12.288M, 24.576MHz

    Both settings

    100kHz, 10MHz

    10MHz OUT (BNC)


    Output level

    Sine wave 0.5 ±0.1Vrms / 50Ω

    Master clock input


    EXT IN (BNC)


    Input frequency

    10MHz (within ±10ppm)

    Input level


    Sine wave

    0.5 to 1.0Vrms / 50Ω

    Square wave

    TTL level / 10kΩ



    Power supply



    AC 230V, 50Hz


    AC 120V, 60Hz


    AC 220V, 60Hz

    External dimensions (W×H×D)

    445 × 107 × 359mm
    17-⅝" × 4-¼" × 17-¼" (including protrusions)


    11.3kg / 25; lb

    Included accessories

    Power cord × 1
    Felt pads × 3
    Owner's manual × 1
    Warranty card × 1

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