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KEF Q550 - Pair

Floorstand speakers

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Kef Q550 is the most compact of the Q Series floorstanding loudspeakers.

Extremely slim and elegant, it is equipped with all the latest technologies and can play really well in any domestic context. Perfect to combine with a turntable as a modern OLED TV, great with streaming digital music. Thanks to the renewed Uni-Q Array Driver, coupled to a 130 mm aluminum Woofer and two Reflex ABRs, the Kef Q550 offers phenomenal performance, reference clarity and always controlled bass. An affordable column speaker, excellent performance and unparalleled value for money.

Kef Q550 are the best selling HiFi speakers for music and film

Kef Q550 is the Q Series floorstanding speaker of the prestigious British brand. To anyone who wants a floorstanding speaker that is not too bulky but with great performance, high technology and high acoustic quality, Kef Q550 offers a valid answer.

Cutting-edge technology

The 2-and-a-half-way configuration - with mechanical Reflex and two passive radiators in ABR - and the compact size simplify positioning in the room. The Q550 is equipped with a patented and award-winning Uni-Q two-way coaxial driver with 25mm Tweeter and 130mm Midrange, a 130mm active woofer and two 130mm ABR passive radiators. The woofers are fitted with the Z-Flex suspension, also Kef patent, to maximize the linearity of the angular dispersion.

What does this mean to you? You will be able to move around the room and always feel good! And every person on the sofa will listen equally well. The result is simple. Q550 is a speaker recommended by the most authoritative reviewers and absolutely recommended for those who are interested in good music and want to enjoy songs or movies at home! The Q Series speakers have been named the best HiFi Home Cinema System by the consortium of all European reviewers and journalists winning the EISA award . If you like movies, what are you waiting for?

Magnetic masks are not included but can be purchased separately.

Spatiality, isolation, versatility with the Uni-Q array

The simple and elegant ground decoupling tip system virtually suspends the Kef Q550 from the ground minimizing resonances and vibrations. In practice, the Q550 emits sounds but does not resonate.

The new version of the Uni-Q is equipped with the well-known latest generation 25 mm Tweeter. The rear decompression chamber minimizes distortions by moving the first breakup well beyond the audible threshold. This translates into great clarity and linearity in the reproduction of even the highest treble at any volume. The " Tangerine " front wave guide completes the angular dispersion work and protects the Tweeter from children's fingerprints and cat claws. Really!

The Uni-Q driver is mounted in a separate chamber from the woofers, in order to maximize control and performance even inside the cabinet.

Thanks to this patent, it is also not necessary to be exactly in the center of the two speakers to visualize a large and realistic soundstage. Both stereo speakers like these Q550s and the other models of the family like the center channels emit a very wide acoustic spectrum embracing almost a semicircle. You won't really need to look for the ideal location. Walking around the room or sitting anywhere on the sofa, the music will always be crystal clear and balanced.

Bass with all the trimmings

The mid-low frequencies are entrusted to the mid-woofer with aluminum cone placed in the center of the driver array called Uni-Q. This midrange driver is extremely fast, powerful and detailed.

Going down in frequency we find a 130mm active woofer and two 130mm passive radiators - all in Aluminum. The woofers are also fitted with the patented Z-Flex suspension to maximize linearity of angular dispersion. The 2 and a half way configuration (mechanical Reflex) with the two passive radiators simplifies the positioning in the room.

Hi Tech tone on tone

Not only do the Kef Q550s sound really great any kind of music, but they are also very beautiful and, of course, modern. Kef has succeeded in making a floor speaker, often difficult to position as unsightly, pleasant to see. Available in satin finishes with tone-on-tone details, these HiFi floorstanding speakers are pleasant and can be combined with any type of furniture. The adjustable feet, the woofers, the Uni-Q driver, the cabinet, the Z-Flex suspensions, in short, every detail has been created in coherent finishes, always tone on tone. The black version, completely black, looks like a monolith with Hi Tech details while the white, satin and soft finish, brings a breath of lightness and elegance to the premises. The new walnut version - walnut - then brings back the great classics of the 70s and 80s, although naturally in a modern key. Thanks to the magnetic masks - optional - the front is smooth and continuous.



TYPE: Two and a half way bass reflex

SPEAKERS: Uni-Q in 130 mm aluminum - 25 mm ventilated aluminum dome - LF 130 mm in aluminum - 2 ABR in 130 mm aluminum


FREQUENCY RESPONSE (± 3dB): 58Hz - 28kHz



EFFICIENCY (2.83V / 1m): 87dB


IMPEDANCE: 8Ω (min.3.5Ω)

WEIGHT *: 14,5Kg

DIMENSIONS (HxWxD) *: 873 x 180 x 278 mm

DIMENSIONS WITH RUBBER FEET (HxWxD) *: 926 x 299 x 310 mm

COLOR: Black / White

* Measure per unit


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