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Kef R11 are the definitive floorstanding speakers of the new R Series. These floorstanding speakers are in a 3-way bass reflex rear configuration, with 25mm tweeter, 125mm midrange and 4 165mm woofers. Measures 1,249 x 200 x 383.5 mm. The frequency response is between 46 Hz and 28 kHz with a sensitivity of 90 dB and an impedance of 8 ohms.

Kef R11 are High End HiFi floorstanding speakers

Kef R11 are the top-of-the-range HiFi floorstanding loudspeakers of the new R Series. slim and elegant shape. The R11 model is the flagship of the R Series. Thanks to its four 165 mm aluminum bass drivers, the R11 drops as low as ever and offers an exceptionally clean, deep and musical performance in the base frequencies. In the central part of the speaker there is the Uni-Q driver, now in its 12th generation. The 125mm midrange driver and 25mm aluminum dome tweeter here combine to deliver an extremely natural sound front that far exceeds expectations in this price range. The result is a neutral speaker capable of reproducing the finest details with grace and refinement, as well as delivering power and strength.

All the R Series speakers share the same setup and design but the R11s reach the stylistic and acoustic apex. Thanks to the use of four 165 mm woofers for each R11 speaker it is pushed 2 Hz lower than the closest model, the R7 (and by 4 Hz compared to the smaller R5 floorstanding speaker) thus reaching 46 Hz at +/- 3dB. All this while maintaining a slim chassis, already considered the most modern and elegant in the panorama. With a height of 1,249 mm for a front of only 200 mm, Kef R11 is a candidate to be the best HiFi speaker for audiophiles before reaching stellar heights of performance and price at Reference levels.

“The overall build quality of the Kef R Series is exceptional” WHAT-HiFi

R11 uses the famous Uni-Q coaxial plus midrange tweeter

Maidstone engineers continue to relentlessly improve the performance of their series year after year. With this new R Series, Kef engineers what is the twelfth edition of the famous Uni-Q patent and uses it by equipping all models, including of course the top-of-the-range R11 floor loudspeaker. The new Uni-Q is born from the union of a 125 mm midrange driver and a 25 mm aluminum dome tweeter, as always inserted into each other in line to form a single body and a single final driver. . This Uni-Q, net of final specifications and dimensions, was designed from scratch and every sub-component was rethought. It goes without saying that the final result leads to an even more natural and dynamic sound.

The Uni-Q by Kef is the beating heart of the new R11. Tweeter and midrange are united in the coaxial unit and generate the sound always together and in unison as an ideal emission source point-like. The notes of a voice, a piano, the guitar riffs must not come from different drivers, from distant points in space. The highs must not start from the point where the tweeter is located and the mids from the point where the midrange driver is located! Thanks to the Kef acoustic advances the sound of the R11 will be more natural, more harmonious than ever. The philosophy behind this patent, which has been in development and refinement for 30 years now, is inspired by the physics of sound waves and that is why it offers such accurate reproduction. Any other technology that provides for the division of tweeters and midrange is necessarily "far from reality" and can only try to compensate for this distance with mechanical or software artifice.

The Kef R11 speakers are High Fidelity floorstanding speakers, like the rest of the series. For excellent sounding but more convenient, we recommend turning to the Q Series.

New R11 Woofers and Cabinets

Kef R11, compared to the top of the range model of the previous series, R900, brings with it totally new woofers and a revolutionized design. No more two 200mm woofers inserted in a massive cabinet but 4 165mm drivers. The resulting “punch” is superior to the previous one and the control clearly superior. In the new R11, the more compact and dynamic drivers have a double excursion than before, perfect for those who love listening to music or movies at high volume. The sound pressure generated by the R11 is impressive! The new woofers benefit from a completely new very low distortion motor, new baskets and new cones, more rigid and lighter. The result is class-leading bass performance with power, depth and increased speed. Rock a ball? No problem! The use of compact 165mm drivers instead of 200mm ones has allowed the cabinet to be extremely slim. The new R11 is much taller than the previous R900, thinner and more slender, and brings great benefits in aesthetic terms. Placing a pair of slim speakers in a living room is so much easier! At the same time, a cabinet with a reduced front interacts little with the listening environment or does not dirty its own sound. The cabinet of the R11 was made using an innovative technique characterized by the use, in specific points, of damping joints. The result is a very rigid chassis, substantially inert, in which the new woofers and Uni-Q are ideally placed.

Kef R11, in relation to the price range and performance, are extremely compact speakers and can be easily placed in rooms. They are an ideal choice for a high-level HiFi system and can be used as supporting columns in high-level Home Cinema systems. Thanks to the extremely reduced front profile they are the ideal choice for placement in the living room, on the sides of the TV or the projection space.

“The R Series models show a level of insight and detail resolution that goes far beyond that of most rivals on the market” WHAT-HiFi

Shadow Flare for maximum dispersion in R11

In the R11 loudspeakers Kef has implemented a new technology that derives directly from the Reference Series. The Tangerine Waveguide, the wave guide (and protection against damage) of the tweeter typical of the Uni-Q, is supported by the "Shadow Flare", the special outer ring that connects the driver to the chassis. Shadow Flare plays a key role in drastically reducing the diffraction effects created when sound reaches the edge of an acoustic speaker. The combined use of Uni-Q and Shadow Flare allows Kef to produce a monolithic and elegant speaker, with an ultramodern design, which nevertheless sounds like an ideal rounded speaker. The resulting sound reproduction is totally convincing and allows you to take sonic realism to the extreme without spending madness to obtain elaborate cabinet shapes. This way more resources are allocated where the sound is really generated. And it is thus possible, at the same expense, to have an absolutely extreme Uni-Q: the driver at the center of the R Series.

Kef R11 are the best speakers for large and large rooms

The generous dimensions of these speakers, the power released by the four latest generation Woofers and the new bass reflex ducts make the R11 ideal in a large room, over 30 square meters. For lower volumes it is better to move to the R7 model. Up to about 60 square meters these are absolutely perfect column speakers both in stereo listening and as a dominant pair in a high-level multi-channel installation. With a boost of 113 dB, the physical and scenic presence they manage to convey is amazing. Unlike the proposed American school speakers that typically emphasize the bass a lot, the R11 remains delicate and precise even when listening to difficult instruments such as piano or in vocal reproduction, without emphasizing any frequency.

“Kef's new patented grilles finally eliminate the classic thick MDF frame that compromises the performance of most loudspeakers” - DIGITAL AF -

R11 offers the best grids ever

The protective grilles of the R11 are an absolute masterpiece. These front grids are created by hot melting 13 layers of composite materials. The new type of protection is ultra thin, rigid, sonically transparent and, a touch of class in Kef style, with tone-on-tone finishes with the rest of the speaker. The new Kef R11 acoustic grilles are made with 1,801 laser-cut holes for each of the different drivers. Rigid, elegant, ultra-thin, magnetic, these innovative "bezels" are not just an accessory but rather an integral element of the speaker, which enhances its sound and design characteristics.

Bass Reflex ducts in R11

The R11 speakers equip rear reflex ducts with flexible design. The reflex ports are positioned off-axis with respect to the drivers and are equipped with flexible walls in order to hinder the coloring of the medium frequencies. Thanks to this solution, the pressure inside the ducts will always be constant at any volume and frequency level and the speaker will return to the ear, more than ever, the pure sound of the artist. With Kef a bass reflex is always something more.

The Kef R Line

The new Kef R11 are available in three finishes, the result of an absolute aesthetic research carried out by the British company for many years. Here you can see the brand's passion for art and design. The speakers are the only ones on the market able to blend in with a modern environment, with glossy black piano lacquer, glossy white piano lacquer, real natural walnut. All the finishes, from the drivers to the feet to the shadow flares, are built in tone on tone. Everything in the diffuser recalls the dominant color palette. Only in Kef does a High End speaker become so beautiful and so refined.

Tried and recommended combinations

The R11 floorstanding loudspeakers are the top of the range proposal of the English company within the R Series. The level of neutrality, dynamics and soundstage given by the R11 is absolute and in fact won the EISA Award to the loudspeaker. We recommend that R11 be combined with neutral amplifiers, with good dynamics and good current control. These speakers are very neutral and play well any type of music but need, note, a good break-in to sound at their best. It is interesting to note, here, how the final acoustic result is of a much higher level than the previous R900 floor top model. The R11, while costing half the price, is closer to the Reference 3 flagships than the "previous" R900s. In terms of ideal match, both Kef itself and HIFIGHT offer the Hegel amplifications in ideal match. In this case, the reference model is the H390.


WEIGHT 37,7 Kg

FINISHES Black / White / Walnut

DIMENSION (H X W X D) 1249 x 200 x 383.5 mm with terminal*

DIMENSION (H X W X D) 1295.5 x 310.6 x 383.5 mm

DESIGN Three-way bass reflex

FREQUENCY RANGE 30 Hz – 50 KHz (-6 dB)



HARMONIC DISTORTION <0.3% 120 Hz – 20 KHz (90 dB, 1m)



AMPLIFIER POWER 15 – 300W (recommended)

NOMINAL IMPEDANCE 8 Ohm (min 3.2 Ohm)

DRIVE UNITS Uni-Q Driver Array: HF: 25 mm (1in.) vented aluminium dome MF: 125 mm (5 in.) aluminium cone

BASS DRIVER: 4 x LF: 165 mm (6.5 in.) hybrid aluminium



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Floorstanding Speakers

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