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Norstone Como is the top of the range modular furniture of the French brand. Designed for high-level HiFi electronics, characterized by a large supporting base and anti-resonant steel legs, it is ideal for creating any support configuration for DACs, amplifiers, turntables. In steel and leather, in different heights.


Norstone Como is the high-end modular HiFi rack

Norstone Como is the modular HiFi cabinet, top of the range of the entire line of AV and HiFi stands and racks. This model supports the Norstone Spider solution, and proposes the solution in stackable levels and of different heights.

Norstone Como is a high-performance electronics cabinet with perfect aesthetics. The Rack consists of four completely independent modules. Each module, therefore each level, offers a different height to accommodate HiFi elements of different thickness.

The Norstone Como cabinet uses very high quality finishes, with a beautiful black leather covering each of the shelves. The legs, perfectly inert, are made of solid stainless steel tubes with shock-absorbing joints. The Como line is the perfect solution to improve the performance of your audio components and therefore meets the needs of the most demanding audiophiles and music lovers.

With Norstone Como you can create your HiFi rack as you want, being a modular solution at will. You can add a level or remove it, you can choose high or low shelves. You can assemble them in the order you want. You can also buy a single level and use it as a base to isolate your heavy power amp from the ground - a classic!

The elements are all characterized by the same footprint and four different useful heights. The various modules are useful for hosting electronics up to respectively: 100, 150, 180, 280 mm - therefore ideal for electronics of different "importance". The shelves all have a useful support area - between the columns - of 560 mm (front) by 470 mm (depth) while the entire cabinet, including the legs, occupies an area of ​​690 mm (front) by 600 mm (depth ).

It is possible to create countless configurations, surmounting one module to the other, without sequence constraints, using Como Base, Como 1, Como 2, Como 3. Note that the base is not strictly necessary, the first module can be any. It is possible to use two different Como Bases directly to support important final amplifiers on the ground, one next to the other. It is possible to create the classic HiFi cabinet with a base and then three or four different modules above it. You can leave out the basic module and start directly with a higher model. There are no sequence constraints or mandatory modules.

Norstone Como Base is the model with the lowest height from the ground, used as a base in the compositions. Made with a steel structure and support base covered in leather, Norstone Como Base has the following total measurements: 690 x 142 x 600 mm (width x height x depth). The free height under the base is 100mm. The maximum permitted load is 50Kg for each module.

The structure is in solid metal, extremely robust, stable and anti-resonant.

By using the different modules at will, you can create a tower in which different units can be superimposed or you can decide to use different bases to “almost” place the most prestigious or heavier units of your audio system on the ground.

Norstone Como 1 is the module with a total height of 183mm, with a useful height of less than 150mm. It is ideal for hosting electronics of small and medium heights. The maximum load for each shelf is 50 kg.

Como 1 is the second model, by height, after the base. This module is created, like the whole family, with a steel structure and a steel shelf covered in leather. Norstone Como 1 reports the following measurements: 690 x 183 x 600 mm (width x height x depth). The maximum useful height to accommodate electronics is 150 mm.

Norstone Como 2 is the 213 mm high module of the line. Como 2 is designed to house electronics of medium or high thickness, with a maximum bearable load of 50 kg per shelf.

Como 2 is the second tallest model in the line - surpassed only by the larger Como 3 which is 313 mm tall.

Created like any other module with a steel structure and shelves covered in black leather, Como 2 has the following measurements: 690 x 213 x 600 mm (width x height x depth). The useful height for inserting electronics or other devices is 180 mm. The internal leg space is 560 x 470 mm.

Norstone Como 3 is the maximum height module of the series and is perfect for electronics of high weight and size, with a maximum load of 50 Kg (for each shelf).

Como 3 is the tallest model, typically used to house important final or integrated amplifiers and has the following overall measurements: 690 x 313 x 600 mm (width x height x depth). The useful height under the base is 280 mm.


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