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Large TV and HiFi cabinet

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With Norstone Stabbl AV, the French brand offers lovers of beauty and those who do not compromise one of the most robust and concrete proposals in existence, at the top for simplicity and capacity.

This Mobile AV is suitable for hosting the best televisions and the best audio and video electronics, with the utmost elegance.


Norstone Stabbl AV is a massive and elegant AudioVideo cabinet

Norstone Stabbl AV is a sturdy and massive piece of furniture for AudioVideo. The unique technical characteristics of the Stabbl family guarantee elegance, solidity and extreme stability. With a wave absorption system between the various shelves and a shelf thickness of 15 millimeters, absolute strength is the keystone and the specificity of Norstone Stabbl AV. From the same family you can choose the smaller Stabbl HiFi and Stabbl Bamboo.

Stabbl AV, with its three large shelves, is perfect for housing up to six full-size 43 cm HiFi devices.

Complete cabinet only

Norstone Stabbl AV can only be purchased in complete configuration, with three support levels, as in the photo. It is possible to avoid mounting a level, thus creating a lower AV cabinet with only two levels, just as it is possible to leave only one level. On the contrary, it is not possible to buy a single level apart, nor to obtain a 4-level cabinet in any way. If you are looking for a stackable solution, you can orient yourself on the best seller Norstone Spider or on the Custom Design family.

You choose the order of the Stabbl AV shelves

Stabbl AV brings with it three massive shelves where you can place your electronics. As you can see from the photos, the lower one guarantees more vertical space, i.e. greater height between two contiguous shelves. In reality, you can decide to move the higher capacity shelf where you prefer because the cylindrical legs that make up the backbone of the piece of furniture are interchangeable. You can then make sure that the most spacious shelf is the one at the bottom or the one at the top.

Fill it with acoustic damping material

The inside of the twelve supporting legs of Stabbl AV can be filled with granules or acoustic sand to improve the stability and above all the anti-resonance of the cabinet. It is ideal and highly recommended in this case to use the damping material proposed by Norstone in the size of about four packs for a Norstone Stabbl AV. If you are only interested in a support cabinet, the use of granules is not necessary, but if you are thinking of a HiFi system then things change and it is recommended to fill the Stabbl rack.

Big and solid AV cabinet

Thanks to the vast support surface offered by the Stabbl AV, we are talking about 1,140 mm by 550 mm, all the components of the audio video chain find space, from the TV to the decoder, to the amplifier. The three shelves in black tempered glass of Stabbl AV give this piece of furniture a sober elegance that is well suited to any style. The useful area is large, perfect for hosting all the elements of high fidelity systems or Home Theater, including the heaviest and most bulky components.

One of the key features of this furniture for audio video and TV is the solidity, evident from the first glance. The upper shelf of the Stabbl AV model can withstand a load of 80 kg, while the two intermediate shelves are able to support an additional 50 kg each. In this way, the total load of the entire piece of furniture is 180 kg.


Finish: glossy black

Structure: steel structure painted with black lacquered epoxy powder, brushed aluminum

Shelves: black silk-screened tempered glass

Various: points and tailstocks

Maximum load: 80 kg on the upper floor, 50 kg each on the lower floors

Useful internal dimension between the legs: 479.2 of useful width between the front legs - 419.2 of useful depth

External dimensions (W x H x D): 1140 x 572 x 550 mm

Shelves (W x D): 1140 x 550 mm

Height between the shelves: 2 levels of 200 mm useful and a lower level of 260 mm

Assembly: supplied unassembled with screws, drawing and tools required for assembly

Weight: 2 boxes of 50.6 kg + 32 kg total


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