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Norstone Stabbl Bamboo is the alternative version of the classic Stabbl HiFi, built with metal supports and sturdy shelves of real Bamboo instead of glass.

This design rack is ideal for housing the best electronics in your HiFi system, including the heaviest and most bulky ones. This version with bamboo bases combine acoustic effectiveness and robustness.


Norstone Stabbl Bamboo HiFi cabinet with wooden shelves

Norstone Stabbl Bamboo is a hi-fi cabinet of great value, with a sturdy metal structure, anti-resonant mechanical solutions and load-bearing shelves in real solid bamboo wood. An audio system is not just made up of speakers: in order to function at its best, it needs a chain of quality Hifi devices that are worth displaying and managing with care. Stabbl Bamboo allows you to house the elements of the HiFi system with style and effectiveness, also thanks to the decoupling properties of the wood.

With the Stabbl range, Norstone continues to advance in the world of high-end HiFi furniture, in order to allow the best audiophiles to enhance and keep their electronics chain in order. Stabbl Bamboo is the new sturdy, functional and technologically advanced high-end HiFi furniture.

Stabbl Bamboo only whole cabinet

Norstone Stabbl Bamboo can only be purchased in a complete configuration, with four support levels, as in the photo. It is possible to avoid mounting a level, thus creating a lower cabinet with only two or three levels, just as it is possible to leave only one level. Conversely, it is not possible to purchase a single tier separately, nor in any way obtain a cabinet of 5 or more tiers. If you are looking for a stackable solution, you can orient yourself on the best seller Norstone Spider or on the Custom Design family.

You choose the order of the shelves with Stabbl Bamboo

Norstone Stabbl Bamboo brings with it four wooden shelves and therefore four levels to put down your electronics and devices. As you can see from the photos, the lower one guarantees more vertical space, i.e. greater height between two contiguous shelves. In reality, you can decide to move the higher capacity shelf where you prefer because the side legs that make up the backbone of the cabinet are all interchangeable. You can then make sure that the vertically most spacious shelf is the first, second or even third starting from the bottom!

High quality features of the Bamboo furniture

The furniture of the Stabbl range is equipped with a revolutionary wave absorption system that supports each shelf, in order to minimize all vibrations caused by the audio video system. The four shelves of this particular version are entirely in Bamboo wood and have a thickness of 25 mm which makes them solid and resistant. The generous support surface then makes them able to accommodate all the elements of the classic HiFi or Home Theater system, including the heaviest and most bulky "pieces". With an impeccable production and decidedly aimed at the High End, Stabbl furniture is able to satisfy every need of music lovers.

The inside of the metal structure - or the individual support legs - can be filled with granules or acoustic sand to further improve stability and anti-resonance. Ideal in this case the Norstone damping material, in the size of about three packs per Stabbl Bamboo (on average). Each shelf can withstand a load of 50 kg, for a maximum total load of 200 kg.


Finish: glossy black / Bamboo

Structure: metal painted with black epoxy powder, brushed aluminum

Shelves: 15 mm thick solid Bamboo wood

Miscellaneous: tips and tailstocks provided

Maximum load: 50 kg for each floor, 200 kg maximum total

Internal useful dimension: 469.2 x 419.2 mm

External dimensions (W x H x D): 600 x 787 x 550 mm

Shelves (W x D): 600 x 550 mm

Height between the shelves: 2 levels of 200 mm useful and a lower level of 260 mm

Assembly: supplied unassembled with screws, drawing and tools required for assembly

Net weight: 50 Kg


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