Integrated amplifier 90 watts per channel on 6 Ω and 72.5 watts per channel on 8 Ω with remote control and phono stage

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Elex-R is a sublime set of Brio-R design combined with power circuits and the advanced phono stage of the Elicit-R. Rega engineers have achieved the perfect balance of control power and dynamics, equipping the Exlex-R with performance that always puts music first.
You will find many connection options that allow you total flexibility and integration with the rest of the Rega range.

Innovative design

• Elex-R is built to the highest standards to offer the best possible audio performance while remaining simple to use and set. Elex-R has the classic Rega cabinet with greater heat dissipation, which combined with a wider transformer allows it to deliver 90 Watts per channel on 6 Ω and 72.5 Watts per channel on 8 Ω.

 • Elex-R was built following the very high standards of reliability and quality of Rega products to ensure many years of pleasant listening. The primary function of an amplifier is to enhance and equalize the low level signal generated by a head, a DAC and a CD player or other sources and take it to a level that can drive the speakers. It is vital that the amplifier achieve this by minimizing the distortion that would directly affect the music. The typical distortion level is 0.007%; just below the exit cut.

• The volume control and amplifier used in Elex-R are designed to overcome the problems associated with standard constructions. This design uses a special chip combined with a peripheral support integrated circuit as a micro-control and a dedicated rotary volume control.

• Elex-R uses a combined feedback and passive volume control, in which the feedback and input levels are changed to set the desired volume level. The level and the tracking between the two channels are set by the strict tolerance in the pre-amplification circuit and not by the potentiometer itself, thus keeping the unbalance between the channels due to irregularities in the volume control to a minimum. Furthermore this method reduces the noise and overload of the input since the control will use only the gain necessary to amplify the signal. This form of volume control is usually found only in the professional fields in which it is necessary and an accurate level control without disturbance.

Amplification Technology

• The output amplification used in Elex-R, Elicit-R and Brio-R was built following an intense research conducted by our engineers to develop a Class A emitter-based power stage. This is based on an additional pair of 150w Sanken Darlington output transistors. The technical and sonic improvement due to the use of low impedance drivers is well known, but it can lead to high static currents in the power phase when a standard transistor configuration is used. By combining the low impedance driver and the Sanken Darlington transistors (with their thermal noise network operating at lower static current) this combination forms an additional emitter tracker that emulates the Class A conditions with good thermal stability.


Main features

• Classic Rega cabinet with better heat dissipation
• Combined feedback & passive volume control
• 90 watts per channel on 6 Ohms / 72 watts on 8ohms
• Integrated phono stage with high specifications
• Multi-language user manual
• Improved power supply for the power stage
• Hybrid design between Brio-R and Elicit-R
• Mini dedicated remote control included
• Uses Pre-amp / Record Output / 4 Line Inputs
• New transformer


• Power supply: 230v & 115v
• Frequency: 60 / 60Hz
• Absorption: 250 Watts
• 230v Fuse: T3.15AL 20mm
• 115v Fuse: T5AL 20mm

Output Power

• 72.5W 8Ω when both channels are controlled - design rating
• 90W 6Ω when both channels are controlled - Rega speaker impedance rating
• 113W 4Ω when both channels are controlled

Phono entrance

• Sensitivity (72.5W 8Ω1.7mV (Load 47K in parallel with 220pF)
• Max input level: 100mV

Line input

• Sensitivity (72.5W 8Ω 164mv (Load 30-50K)
• Max input level: 10v

Output Tape

• Level: 164mV with nominal input
• Output impedance: 470

Line out

• Level: 625mV with nominal input
• Output impedance: 600


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