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Unison Simply Italy is the hyper-compact tube integrated amplifier from the leading Italian brand in its category. Born on the model of one of Unison Research's historic and most successful examples, this amp is capable of releasing an increasingly high-performance and refined sound result, with typical warm and enveloping characteristics. It is also possible to install an optional USB DAC card.


Unison Simply Italy: simply Italian valves

Unison Simply Italy was born in the wake of the forefather Simply Two, one of the most successful compact tube integrated amplifiers ever of the Italian brand and of the whole world, which also represented a truly fundamental step in the evolution of the company, giving it great fame among enthusiasts but also great notoriety among the press.

Starting from the Simply Two, similar in many electronic features, this new integrated amplifier now, thanks to the technological developments applied in engineering, guarantees better sound performance as well as a renewed design and a truly notable reduction in production costs.

Characterized by a decidedly elegant style that takes us back in time, and by the meticulous selection of the best woods and materials, Simply Italy, like all Unison Research products, is entirely designed, created and tested in the Treviso laboratories through a process completely artisanal made in Italy, allowing a maniacal level of control over the quality of the products. Simply Italians.

Simply Italy by Unison Research is synonymous with sound and construction quality. Its essence can be simply summed up in a few words: taking example from the older ones, to acquire experience and skills. A true mission guided by a strong passion for music, with the aim of creating products that give timeless pleasure to listening and seeing!

“If you want a taste of tube sound at a relatively reasonable price, we can't think of a better option than this Unison Research. It's well built, solidly designed and sounds great.”

Unison Simply Italy: Small footprint, great quality

Respecting the Unison Research philosophy, Simply Italy is also an integrated tube amplifier. The integration of components dedicated to amplification has several advantages: first of all maintaining a homogeneous tonal coherence as much as possible, but also reducing the signal path, chassis costs and component size, an aspect not to be underestimated in 2024 .

Clearly what gets complicated is the design: no stage must interfere with the other. And it is precisely here that the solidity and experience of a historic company in the creation that has now become historic is revealed.

Simply Italy has a simple circuit layout that uses only four tubes. The preamp stage of this integrated is triode with the pair of smaller ECC82s at the front, while the larger ones at the back provide the muscle. In fact, the first quality guarantee certificate is its amplification class: pure class A tube amplification stages with the use of two EL34 valves.

Despite its compact dimensions and pure class A, Simply Italy is capable of delivering 12w per channel with a 6 ohm impedance, which would seem low but turns out not to be so limiting, especially if combined with easy-to-drive speakers, with good efficiency and in not too large listening environments.

In the center of the top panel we also find a small toggle switch. This can control the amount of negative feedback used in the circuit. It goes from 1.8 dB to 5 dB to adapt to your listening tastes. Unusually for an adjustment of this type, it is perfectly safe to switch between settings while listening.

Design Made in Italy!

Everything, absolutely everything, is made within the Unison Research headquarters, from the research and development to the basis of all the products designed, as well as the assembly, the tests... Everything in an extremely artisanal way and often with 0 km materials. In short Simply Italy is 100% made in Italy.

Its design is in full Unison Research style, classic and elegant with a retro touch, and reflects the warm sound it is able to give to the speakers. The front is made of solid wood, enriched by inserts, which enhance the knobs and controls, which express unparalleled solidity. The two satin stainless steel plates thermally isolate the amplifier, making the electrical circuits and power transformers completely stable and reliable.

And then the charm of valves... Unison Research's goal has always been to convey pleasure through listening to music, but also through the aesthetics of its products, and this Simply Italy transmits warmth to every listen as well as to every look , without excessive bulk but with an amazing sound result!

How to further improve performance

In the best tradition of valve amplifiers, this Unison Research Simply Italy never becomes harsh or aggressive, instead it is able to reproduce the details of each instrument with extreme precision, giving the reproduction a pleasantly natural, organized and full-bodied sound.

We recommend driving speakers with good sensitivity to be able to best express the very warm 12 W. For example, excellent combinations could be with Kef R3 Meta, Kef LS50 Meta, Opera Prima or Dynaudio Evoke 10.

For connecting the speakers through the terminals, we recommend high-quality speaker cables such as ShawlineX or even EpicX, both from Chord Company.

The rear panel connections are completed by an IEC type C19 power socket. Mains cables of the same level are recommended, always recommending the leader in the production of HiFi cables Chord Company.

For a correct and even safer distribution of electricity to all the components of our system we always recommend the use of Chord Company's PowerHAUS multiple sockets: from the basic P6 model, through the high-performance S6 with 6 sockets, up to the M6 model which integrates 3 MainsARAY devices mounted in parallel to completely remove high frequency noise as well as ground noise.

Analog but… for digital sources?

Unison Simply Itlay, on the rear panel presents, in addition to a pair of quality terminals for the speakers and a sub output, 4 RCA line inputs and one Tape, to guarantee connection with all traditional sources such as a pre-amp dedicated turntable phono, a CD player, as well as a streamer with integrated DAC.

But it is still possible to install an optional DAC card inside the Simply Italy in order to make this compact tube amplifier truly integrated and complete.

In addition to Giro from the same Italian brand, MoFi creates real instruments designed for the accurate reproduction of fascinating vinyl records, starting with extraordinary turntables such as UltraDeck, but without neglecting pre-phono amplifiers and speakers.

How can we not mention the physical digital medium par excellence, the CompactDisk: to stay at Unison, turning to the Unico series, we find some excellent creations, for quality reproduction that allows you to detect all the information from the disk. We would also like to recommend the prestigious Viking CD players from Hegel Music System or the much acclaimed CDi-XR from Cyrus.

For those who wish to fully enter the digital world, Chord Electronics designs the best DACs in the audio panorama, used by the most renowned sound engineers in the world and in the largest recording studios including Abbey Road Studios, Sony Music and Skywalker Sound.


Type: Stereo integrated amplifier

Valves: 2 x EL34, 2 x ECC82

Operating class: Pure A

Output stage: Single-ended ultra linear

Output Power: Approx. 12W

Feedback: 2 selectable levels 5 dB or 1.8 dB

Output impedances: 6 ohms for 4 to 8 ohm speakers

Inputs: 4 line, 1 optional USB DAC

Input impedance: 47 Kohm

Outputs: 1 sub out

Power consumption: 85 W max

Dimensions: 26 x 19 x 35 cm

Weight: 15kg


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