Network streamer high resolution DAC and headphone stage

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With a width of 29 cm, the network reader / TEAC NT-505 conversion unit is based on a double AKM Verita AK4497 DAC with Velvet Sound architecture, which is characterized by its ability to deliver a high current intensity. The dual mono construction extends to the power stage with dual toroidal transformer, a DSD 22.5MHz compatible USB port and 32 bit / 768 kHz PCM, separate Master Clock for 44.1 / 48 kHz signals, access Spotify Connect, Tidal and Qobuz , Roon support, high current headphone stage, RCA / XLR outputs, aptX LDAC Bluetooth module and BNC input. The BNC connector on the back, however, offers the interface for connection to the CG-10M external generator.

The USB Type B port is asynchronous and accepts DSD signals up to 22.5 MHz and LPCM 32 bit / 768 kHz, while the A-type USB port is compatible with 192 kHz and 5.6 MHz DSD files saved on HD even with NTFS formatting.

The NT-505 reader supports WAV, FLAC / ALAC and Ogg Vorbis files up to 24 bit / 192 kHz, as well as MP3, AAC and WMA. The Ethernet connection supports the DLNA protocol and provides access to the aforementioned network services Spotify Connect, Tidal, Qobuz and Roon.

The declared characteristics of the headphone stage, give it capable of delivering 2x500mW on impedances between 16 and 600 Ω. Two additional S / PDIF inputs are available, one of which is electric and one switchable coax / Toslink, while the outputs are split on RCA / XLR terminals. Four digital filters, divided equally between PCM and DSD, allow you to customize the sound output. Last but not least, there is the TEAC HR Streamer app for Android / iOS smartphones and an LDAC compatible aptX Bluetooth module.

The presence of a line input allows to use the NT-505 also as a simple preamplifier.

Equipped with two DAC AKM Verita AK4497 Velvet Sound (one for each channel)
USB port compatible DSD 22.5MHz and PCM 32 bit / 768 kHz
Double toroidal transformer
Separate Master Clock for 44.1 / 48 kHz signals
Access Spotify Connect, Tidal and Qobuz
Roon support
High current headphone stage
RCA / XLR outputs
Bluetooth aptX LDAC module
BNC input for clock generator
Technical features
USB input PCM 16/24/32 bit, 44.1k / 48k / 88.2k / 96k / 176.4k / 192k / 352.8k / 384k / 705.6k / 768k Hz, DSD 2.8M / 5.6M / 11.2M / 22.5M Hz
Coaxial digital input PCM 16/24 bit, 32k / 44.1k / 48k / 88.2k / 96k / 176.4k / 192k Hz, DSD 2.8MHz (supported with 176.4kHz / 24 bit DoP format)
Optical digital input PCM 16/24 bit, 32k / 44.1k / 48k / 88.2k / 96k / 176.4k / 192k Hz, DSD 2.8MHz (supported with 176.4 kHz / 24 bit DoP format)
Asahi Kaseis AK4497 × 2 USB DAC Microdevices Up-conversion up to 384kHz / 32-bit PCM, 22.5MHz DSD
PCM filters Sharp Roll Off, Slow Roll Off, Sharp Delay Short, Short Delay Slow, Low dispersion, off, DSD cutoff frequencies Narrow: 39kHz (at 2.8M), 78kHz (at 5.6M), 156kHz (at 11.2M) or 312kHz (at 22.5M), Wide: 76kHz (at 2.8M), 152kHz (at 5.6M), 304kHz (at 11.2M) or 608kHz (at 22.5M)
Built-in MQA decoder
Audio input USB B port, USB 2.0, asynchronous transfer, mass transfer, digital COAXIAL (rear), TOS-link × 1, digital Coaxial (front), optical digital (front), USB (front), Bluetooth® LDAC ™, Qualcomm® aptX ™ HD, aptX ™, AAC, SBC, balanced XLR, unbalanced RCA
Headphone output
Ripsota frequency: 10 to 80,000 Hz (+ 1 / -3 dB, 192kHz PCM input, RCA output, digital filter off)
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.002% or less (192kHz PCM input, RCA output, digital filter off)
S / N Ratio: 110dB to higher (192kHz PCM input, RCA output, digital filter off)
Dimensions (L x H x p):
290 × 81.2 × 248.7 mm
11.4 "× 3.2" × 9.8 "
Weight: 3.9kg / 8.6lbs

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