Grado Statement GS1000e

Grado Statement GS1000e

dynamic headphones state of the art - 8 Hz-35kHz response - wooden pavilions - 32 ohms

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The GS1000E adopts the completely redesigned transducers; a newer and broader pinna - wood, functional material in order according Grado - and a comfortable foam cushion, the greater surface area than the norm. This last solution is the basis of an unprecedented ability to perceive more faithfully the acoustic space. This was a crucial aspect of design: to achieve the desired effects you had to optimize the relationship between the speaker and the headset room that would accept him. The result speaks for itself: the GS-1000E is much more agile and accurate detection and spatial location of the most delicate acoustic sources. In addition, particularly anything but minor, with new, wider ear cushions, the GS1000E become, if not the most comfortable, definitely one of the nicest headphones worn long term.

On the technical side, the innovative GS1000 driver can produce a very large response to the extreme and extremely balanced throughout its arc. This is due to the synergistic action between the driver and the volume in which it operates. One of the most significant results achieved with the GS1000, is the distortion from transient reduced to a minimum, while in the control upper and lower ranges is further improved, aligning the middle region, universally recognized as one of the best, and at the base of the planetary credit charged since 'today from Grado headphones. For practical utilization, the GS1000E shows a rendering of the voice reproduced in the round, rich in harmonics and slender nuances; the bass is deep and controlled; excellent dynamic; magnificent and rifinitissimi high, while the scene is remarkably realistic, with well-designed sound levels and the individual tools artfully cropped. All of this is the degree-sound, natural and engaging, just music without any listening fatigue.

dynamic headphones state of the art - 8 Hz-35kHz response - wooden pavilions - 32 ohms

Technical specifications
_ Dynamic transducer
Operating principle _ free air
Frequency Response _ 8 Hz-35kHz
SPL 1mV _ 98
_ Impedance 32 ohms
Driver tolerance db _ 12:05
membrane granted
wooden acoustic chamber
copper coil UHPLC
copper connecting cable UHPLC


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