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    EAM LAB ELEMENT 701 Mono

    EAM LAB ELEMENT 701 Mono

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    The ELEMENT 701 monoblock amplifier is designed to exceed the demands of true-to-life playback levels, delivering 1,800 watts of continuous power and 8,000 watts of peak power to deliver current driving for any complex, high-quality audio system

    high power then, but combined with a disarming musical quality are the first impressions they have when listening to Element 701

    This amplifier adopts circuit solutions and components of the latest generation and makes the difference when it is connected to complex and demanding acoustic systems, being able to return the sound message without tightening even at high powers and with limit load situations.

    These data, however, are not the result of chance but of a careful design of each stage of the amplifier which had the aim of achieving the predetermined data. The power supply stage, the beating heart of performance, is designed with extreme attention to detail and uses 1 toroidal transformer of 2000VA designed and built to specifications in conjunction with a filtering capacity of over 200,000 uF and ultra-fast rectifier bridges that make the experience unique. listening by returning a sound message without dynamic alterations and a very fast response to transients.


    Element 701 Monoblock

    • Solid state amplifier

    • 1.800W rms

    • class A up to 20 W

    • EamLab transformers

    • Infinite piloting capability

    • filter capacity> 200.000uf


    Power rms 650 / 1000 / 1800 - 8/4/2 ohm
    ▪ Thd 0.003% full power 8 ohm
    ▪ F/R 5hz to 100 Khz +/- 0.5db
    ▪ SN/R > 120db
    ▪ CMMR > 88db
    ▪ Z Input 22Kohm RCA / 47Kohm XLR
    ▪ Input sens 1.4Vrms full power 8 ohm
    ▪ Slew rate 35V/us
    ▪ D.F > 300 at 8ohm / 50Hz
    ▪ Continuos voltage out 72V rms
    ▪ Peak voltage out 98 Vrms
    ▪ Current out up to 300 A.
    ▪ Comsumption stand-by 1W, IDLE 20W, full power 8A/1800W
    ▪ Output impedance 8/4/2 ohm
    ▪ Weight 65 Kg
    ▪ Dimension 540*470*332mmdb

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