550w 3-way caoaxial studio monitor

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Incredible three-way compact two-way point-source system. The Ones series (8332, 8341, 8351) is the perfect choice for all situations that require a wide and faithful stereo image, an extended frequency response and a large number of hours of listening. The quality of The Ones not only allows you to make the right production decisions in less time, but also to subject your ears to more listening hours. The stereo image, which is usually among the main factors that influence fatigue, is in fact realistic and crystal clear. Frequency dispersion is controlled over a wide range thanks to the large integrated wave guide (DCW) characterized by two hidden woofers. The Ones can be positioned both horizontally and vertically. In both cases, they will be as beautiful to the eye as to the hearing. The Genelec allow exemplary performances even in small rooms or if used as near-field. Where previously it was not possible, The Ones series can easily solve most acoustic problems. Thanks to the integrated SAM technology, in fact, they can always pull out the best from their positioning with respect to the room. Through the GLM and its auto-calibration functions, based on the tests of thousands of studies around the world, they compensate for any harmful influence of the listening environment.


    SAM technology (Smart Active Monitor)
    ACW Technology (Acoustically Concealed Woofers)
    MDE (Minimum Diffraction Enclosure) technology
    MDC driver technology (Minimum Diffraction Coaxial)
    DCW (Directivity Control Waveguide) technology
    ISS (Intelligent Signal Sensing) technology
    Active Crossovers
    Versatile mounting system
    Protection circuits
    Optimized amplifiers
    Iso-Pod stand
    Reflex Port Design
    SPL: 110dB
    Frequency response: 38Hz - 37kHz (-6dB)
    Frequency response accuracy: ± 1.5dB (45Hz - 20kHz)
    Driver size: 2x Oval woofers 168 x 89mm (6 5/8 x 3 1/2 ") + Tweeter / Midrange coaxial MDC 89 / 19mm (3.5 /0.75") + DCW
    Amplification: Woofer 250W + Midrange 150W + Tweeter 150W
    Connections: 1x XLR Analog input, 1x XLR digital AES / EBU input, 1x XLR digital AES / EBU output, 2x RJ45 control network
    Dimensions: H370 x 237 x 243mm, with Iso-Pod
    Weight: 9.8kg

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