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Kef R8a Atmos are Maidstone's R Series Dolby Atmos speakers designed for Home Cinema rooms. You can place them on the main speakers R5, R7 and R11 or hang them on the wall. They are the flagship of any modern Home Theater application.

The Kef R8a are the best Atmos speakers for Home Cinema

The Atmos R8a speakers of the R Series by Kef bring the incredible quality of the line to which they belong and a very high acoustic fidelity. With R8a you will give your Cinema system a three-dimensional, spacious, detailed acoustic result, with voices and effects more realistic than ever.

Thanks to the possibility of using these “free-standing” loudspeakers, to obtain a Dolby Atmos system you won't have to break any wall or ceiling: just place these Atmos speakers on the HiFi floorstanding speakers. Alternatively you can hang them on the wall, to quickly get a 5.4.1 or 7.4.2 sound system

The Dolby Atmos Kef R8a speakers are extremely performing thanks to the famous “concentric technology” of the Uni-Q drivers. Thanks to this award-winning patented, here in its latest and most refined version, the sound image generated is precise and wide. In addition, the Uni-Q manages to fill the entire listening environment in a natural and realistic way. The result is a speaker recommended by the most authoritative reviewers around the world. R8a is a flexible solution for anyone wishing to bring an immersive cinematic experience into their home.

Kef R8a, not just Atmos

With the possibility of wall mounting (all already included, no brackets needed), the Kef R8a can be used as a surround speaker, side or rear, in any home theater installation. In fact, thanks to the natural inclination with respect to the R8a support surface, once hung on the wall of the room like a simple painting, R8A will natively face about 25 degrees towards the listener. Alternatively, symmetrically, when placed on top of another bookshelf or floorstanding speaker, this Atmos speaker will bounce the sound off the ceiling, bringing Dolby Atmos affect to the home without the need to break ceilings or request a custom installation from personnel. external. Of course, to drive the R8a in the best possible way it is necessary to have a dedicated audio processor capable of handling Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D signals etc.

The R8a is to all intents and purposes a two-way HiFi loudspeaker, with concentrically mounted treble tweeter and mid-range woofer. This special setup forms a driver array called Uni-Q, with 130mm (5.25 ") woofer and 25mm (1") tweeter. Peculiarities of this driver are an exceptional amplitude of the sound front and an incredible level of detail. It is easy to understand why the R8a is a superlative atmosphere speaker, with this driver installed.

A closer look at Kef R

There's nothing like the thrill of listening to great music for the first time. That feeling of excitement and hairs rising when every note, phrase and chord change is revealed in all its glory. The R Series was designed from the ground up to deliver sound so pure, so revealing, that every listen is as exhilarating as the first. Decades of experience and Kef's unbridled passion for music come together in the R Series. Each element has been specially designed to recreate the purest emotion of listening to music. Because we believe you want to experience that thrill again and again, just like we do.

Kef R8a Atmos installation and Home Cinema performance

The compact Kef R8a Atmos model is the only 2-way speaker in the range. It features a single Uni-Q array, in this case with a bass / mid driver surrounding the centrally positioned tweeter unit. The angled front panel makes it the perfect solution for a wall mounted surround speaker or a Dolby Atmos® module mounted on floor speakers.

Installation is very easy. If you are already familiar with Atmos speakers and have set up the receiver this is a breeze. Otherwise Dolby publishes installation guidelines and Kef includes clear instructions. It is recommended to use the R8a with the other R Series models but, in fact, the R8a Atmos speakers are suitable for any pre-existing system, even from other brands. The advantage of combining them with the rest of the R Series is given by the fact that they can maintain a coherent tone across the system.

The Kef R8a Atmos can be placed on the front speakers as well as on the rear ones. Ideally you will need 4 R8a modules for a “complete” Dolby Atmos system. If the amplifier is set correctly, you will get an excellent Atmos effect since the R8a are extremely performing speakers and can play even at very high volumes.

The great thing about the R8a is that it doesn't necessarily have to be used only in a reflected sound 3D immersive audio speaker setup. The double grooves on the "bottom" of the speaker allow it to be hung on the wall and serve as a "normal" speaker at a conventional height.

The use of 2 R8a Atmos modules in 5.1.2 configuration is a good compromise if the situation of your lifestyle requires it (system in the living room, in an apartment building, where it is not possible to drill holes in the ceiling, for example ). But for the “full” viewing of films, it is suggested to equip yourself with at least four modules because with films with elaborate Atmos mixes (as in the film “Gravity”) there is a lot to hear… The right configuration is therefore at least 5.1. 4. The main thing to know about the performance of Atmos R8a-enabled speakers is that once room correction does its part, they blend well with any speaker system they are paired with. If you plan to add Kef R8a speakers to an existing system, your main concerns will be whether they fit well aesthetically, not so much if they are up to the task sonically!

R8a Atmos delivers great performance with the Uni-Q

The new version of the famous Uni-Q equipped by the R Series is characterized by the latest generation 25 mm tweeter. The rear decompression chamber minimizes distortions by moving the first breakup well beyond the audible threshold. This translates into great clarity and linearity in the reproduction of even the highest treble at any volume. Thanks to this patent - which gives liveliness, speed, brilliance and space to the mid-high range - the use of the R8a as an Atmos speaker is highly recommended. The "Tangerine" front waveguide then completes the angular dispersion work. Thanks to this patent, it is not necessary to be exactly in the center of the two speakers to visualize a large and realistic soundstage. In addition, the wave guide, or the "rays" that depart from the center of the Tweeter, also act as protection from dogs, cats and children! The tweeter is protected from crushing and breaking. With the addition of the damped and ventilated Tweeter loading tube, the high frequency performance has improved significantly compared to the past and a new low distortion inductor on the crossover provides cleaner and deeper bass.

Loud bass, spatial bursts, cinema as you like it

The mid-low frequencies of the R8a Atmos are entrusted to a woofer with an aluminum cone. Fast, powerful, detailed and equipped with the Z-flex suspension (patented), this mid-woofer has great excursion and at the same time does not interfere with the angular dispersion or hinder it, thus giving full-bodied, deep and precise bass. R8a was created in order to achieve realistic and natural reproduction in movies.

The choice of R Series speakers in the Home Cinema system

In your home cinema room, the R8a Atmos gives an edge to the whole system. You can create a world-class home theater set-up with Kef's R Series. Every little audio detail is reproduced colorlessly by all models and moreover, by choosing the optimal configuration and positioning for your home, you will get an extraordinary feeling of "presence". You can place the R8a on top of the KEF R5, R7 or R11 floorstanding speakers. These three different speakers of the R Series are in fact characterized by the same medium-high driver and differ substantially in the "volume" of the bass. The Kef R5 are suitable for a room between 2o and 30 square meters, the R7 are perfect for soundtracking rooms between 30 and 45 meters. The Kef R11, the top of the R Series, are the speakers for those who do not want to compromise and love the most absolute and full body of films and music, and are suitable for rooms over 40 square meters.

Top it all off with the right Sub!

Once you have chosen the key speakers for your Home Cinema sound system, all you have to do is combine one or more active subwoofers of the brand. For the R Series it recommends the brand new KF92, but if space is limited you can move around on the KUBE 8B and KUBE 10B models. Remember to choose a Sub with a power that is always proportional to the size of the room.


WEIGHT 4,45 Kg

FINISHES Black / White

DIMENSION (H X W X D) 173.8 x 174.6 x 259 mm with terminals*

DESIGN Two-way closed box

FREQUENCY RANGE 96 Hz – 19.5 KHz (-6 dB)

FREQUENCY RESPONSE 105 Hz – 18.5 KHz (±3 dB)

HARMONIC DISTORTION <0.3% 200 Hz – 20 KHz (90 dB, 1m)



AMPLIFIER POWER 25 – 150W (recommended)

NOMINAL IMPEDANCE 8 Ohm (min 3.2 Ohm)

DRIVE UNITS Uni-Q Driver Array: HF: 25mm (1in.) vented aluminium dome MF/LF: 130mm (5.25 in.) aluminium cone



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