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The VEGA-X is the brand new model we have developed to offer a complete and versatile solution to all fans who have always dreamed of an amplifier made entirely in Italy, with a simple but elegant design and the peace of mind guaranteed by the 5-year Official Warranty.

REMOTE CONTROL: Developing this project we wanted to give you the convenience of being able to manage everything from the dedicated remote control, in addition to the classic motorized volume function that most manufacturers propose, we have implemented (developing our own remote control kit) the input selection, mute functions and standby, all controllable from the supplied remote control.

INPUTS: The entrance for integrated turntable is a real treat for fans of analogue and vinyl music. Usually the integrated valve amplifiers, given the complexity of positioning and the abundance of components that can affect and interfere with the signal, do not have such an input and it is often possible to add a pre-phono module which in 90% of cases is solid state, paying extra. The VEGA-X instead proposes an internal module already installed as standard, with two 6N2P-EV valves (nos military version "low noise") dedicated and consequently the usual RIAA corrector in counter-reaction. In addition to the PHONO "MM" input, there are 3 LINEA inputs that can accommodate the classic known sources (CD player, DAC, TV, Streamer etc.).

BIAS: All valve amplifiers know the need for the regular adjustment of the BIAS of the power valves to ensure the system always top performance. In this case you will not have any worries because the BIAS AUTOMATIC system not only makes the valves independent during operation but also allows the replacement of the power valves without the need for technical adjustments.

OUTPUTS: In addition to the indispensable power output with variable impedance (4-8 ohms), there is a universal headphone output on the front that allows you to enjoy the quality of the tube sound even in headphones in moments of extreme silence; there is also an RCA output to record the signal of the selected input on another analog or digital device.

Push-Pull configuration "AB" class
Power output of Stereo / Mono 35w + 35w
Number of Inputs 3 Line + 1 Phono MM (RCA)
Sensitivity Inputs 0.35V (Line) - 4mV / 47KΩ (Phono)
Impedance Inputs 100 KΩ
Frequency Response 40Hz-18KHz Max Power - (8Hz-50KHz 1w)
Signal / Noise Ratio 98 dB
Distortion ≤ 0.1% / 1W
Impedance Outputs 4Ω - 8Ω Selectable
Output for Recording 0.35V / 47 KΩ
Dimensions WxDxH 412mm x 400mm x 205mm
Weight 18 Kg
End Valves EL34 (x4) External
Pre-Line Valves 6N1P-EV (x4) External
Pre Phono 6N2P-EV Valves (x2) Internal
Voltage Operation220v - 240v / 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 220 Wh
5 Year Warranty


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