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Bookshelf speakers

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Kef Q350 is the bookshelf speaker par excellence of the Q Series, featuring the 165 mm Uni-Q Array Driver , capable of providing a sound that is always detailed and natural, with a great extension in the low frequencies, able to cover even the most spacious environments. Perfect for digital music and streaming, in combination with turntables, for sounding TV and in general recommended up to spaces up to about 20sqm.

Kef Q350 Best Seller Bookshelf Speakers Since 2020

Kef Q350 is the best performing bookshelf loudspeaker in the much appreciated line of affordable HiFi speakers from the English house. With the Q350 bookshelf speakers you always get a good acoustic result, with a spacious, detailed sound and deep but not intrusive bass. In addition, the Kef Q350 offers a surprisingly large stage. Thanks to the award-winning Uni-Q loudspeaker, improved every year and here in its most refined version, the sound image is precise and large enough to fill the entire listening environment in a natural and realistic way.

Despite its compact size, the Q350 has a full tone and a huge angular dispersion that allows you to enjoy its music in all corners of the room. So who are the Q350 HiFi speakers recommended for? To those who want to create a small or medium HiFi system, to those who find an old amplifier and want a pair of good quality speakers but without exaggerating the cost, to those who want to listen to music and TV with a soft and well detailed sound and are looking for one compact speaker with exceptional value for money.

The result of so much research Kef is a compact and elegant speaker, recommended by the most authoritative reviewers around the world. The Kef Q Series speakers, with the Q350, have been named the best HiFi Home Cinema system from the consortium of all European reviewers and journalists winning the EISA award.

Magnetic masks and wall hanging brackets are not included but can be purchased separately.

A lot of technology, not a simple diffuser

Kef Q350 is able to project your favorite music around the room, letting you discover details and nuances that you have never noticed before. The Driver Array it is equipped with guarantees an angular dispersion that you will not find in any other speaker. It means that you can sit around the sofa or move around the room while always listening perfectly. does not exist. a perfect triangle where you have to sit between the speakers. With Kef Q you can stay wherever you want! The speaker, even if at first glance it seems to have a cone or speaker, is actually equipped with two independent drivers but mounted coaxially in order to have an ideal emission source. Q350 is a two-way speaker in reflex configuration, with 25 mm Tweeter and 165 mm Aluminum Mid-Woofer. The woofer features the patented Z-Flex suspension with Tangerine waveguide to maximize linearity of angular dispersion. The result: precision, spatiality, transparency, speed.

Why Q350 are the best HiFi speakers

The Q350s are the best HiFi speakers because with little expense they return an incredibly full and musical sound perfect for any type of music. Moreover, under the psychological threshold of one thousand euros it is difficult to find better, and Kef Q350 ... they cost about half!

The Uni-Q version of these HiFi bookshelfs is equipped with a latest generation 25mm tweeter, the result of decades of Kef research and development. The rear decompression chamber minimizes distortions by moving the first breakup well beyond the audible threshold. This translates into great clarity and linearity in the reproduction of even the highest treble at any volume . You don't need to be an expert or a musician or an audiophile.

that you will enjoy music great any kind of music!

Wave Guide to disperse and protect

The frontal waveguide " Tangerine " completes the work of angular dispersion . Thanks to this patent, it is not necessary to be exactly in the center of the two speakers to visualize a large and realistic soundstage. What does it mean for you? You won't have to sit in the center of the perfect listening triangle to enjoy your music! Move around the room, listen with friends, throw yourself on the sofa in your favorite position: with Kef Q350 the details will come to you.

Controlled and precise bass

The medium-low frequencies are entrusted to the woofer, coaxial to the tweeter, with an aluminum cone. This driver is the result of decades of refinement and has now reached absolute excellence in its price range. Fast, powerful and detailed. Equipped with the Z-flex suspension (patented), the mid-woofer has great excursion and at the same time does not interfere with the angular dispersion, producing full-bodied, deep and precise bass .

Perfect speakers for Home Cinema systems

The combination of technology and design that these ultra-modern audio speakers offer is a true masterpiece of engineering and imagination. Every detail has been taken care of in order to obtain a sound reproduction that is always realistic and natural. Whatever the application, audiophile or multi-channel in Home Cinema, the Q Series amazes with the sensation of presence it returns. Every little detail of the audio signal is reproduced without coloration, but you have to try it to understand. In the Kef Q350 in particular, the generous size of the cabinet and the mid bass woofer allows for body and musical substance. Not only heavenly notes and perfect voices, pianos and guitars ... but also basses, double basses, drums, or rumble and explosions will be not only audible but also "physically perceptible".

Amplifier, cables, recommended accessories

You can use the Kef Q350 alone, in a 2.0 stereo system with two speakers, or in combination with a subwoofer in a so-called 2.1 system. In the latter case, the use of a Kube 8b or Kube 10b subwoofer is recommended, depending on the room size.

In the case of a home cinema system, a receiver with no less than 80 Watts per channel, or even better 100 Watts, is recommended. Depending on the connections of the chosen amplifier, you can use the Q350 to listen to TVs, decoders, turntables, streaming music from smartphones, etc ...

Loudspeaker stands are recommended with these speaker bookshelfs.

You can also place them on the TV cabinet or on a sideboard, but for the maximum acoustic result the Norstone Stylum 2 stand is recommended, always combined with its stabilizing damping granules.



TYPE: Two-way bass reflex

SPEAKERS: Uni-Q in 165 mm aluminum - 25 mm ventilated aluminum dome

FREE FIELD FREQUENCY (-6dB): 42Hz - 50 kHz

FREQUENCY RESPONSE (± 3dB): 63Hz - 28kHz



EFFICIENCY (2.83V / 1m): 87dB


IMPEDANCE: 8Ω (min.3.7Ω)

WEIGHT *: 7,6Kg

DIMENSIONS (HxWxD) *: 358 x 210 x 306 mm

DIMENSIONS WITH RUBBER FEET (HxWxD) *: 362 x 210 x 306 mm

COLOR: Black / White

* Measure per unit


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Bookshelf speakers

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